Do you live with a social anxiety disorder?


Do you live with a social anxiety disorder? If
you live in the Hamilton area, the MAC Anxiety Research Centre is
recruiting participants for a research study. Click here to find out
Aug 04, 2012 @ 05:13 am

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I do..I also suffer from the Panic Disorder as well.

Yes it is embaracing to share. But talking about it is important. I went to the hospital two years ago becuase i was brutally beaten. I was left with shock and anxiety. I told myself i was strong and could shake it off. It was a mistake I should have seeked treatment right away. Now I have nightmares and panic for no reason. Im in a crowd of people and I turn my back..becuase there are so many people I cannot control who is behind me. When I am asked to speak my opionin it is hard to speak what I am feeling becuase I never know if I am saying the right words I want to. It affects your self esteem. Yes, Im the mom with the yellow bombers in my purse, but Im also the mom that can reflect back to a place of harmony and enjoy playing with my children. Dont drink alcohol while taking your prescriptions. Thanks for the forum.
Aug 08, 2012 @ 01:08 pm

Can understand the disorder...

Hi EllaMae,
I can understand the disorder. I have a few mental health illnesses myself, Borderline Personality Disorder and Dissociate Identity Disorder all caused by childhood trauma and abuse. I have Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Disorder as well, but I can relate to the sentiment of wanting to be strong and push through. In fact, it is normally people like us who are perfectionists that believe we can plough through everything, until we break down at any given time. I'm glad to hear you have a happy place. I am seeking therapies for the first time in my life and have finally told my mom of the abuse as a child. She is wonderful and incredibly supportive of me. I hope you can be in your place of harmony more often than not, and always remember, you have a friend in me! Take care of you!
Aug 09, 2012 @ 01:53 am


Hi Ladies,
First Elamae1, I am so sorry for what you had to go through.I want to say awesome job, you took your life back and that is not easy.Anjanie, I am also very sorry for everything you have lived through. Good for you for seeking help, it's not easy, but so worth it.

I to suffer for post traumatic stress, anxiety, panic and social anxiety. I am a very strong minded person, and I was raised tough, not to cry, pick yourself up keep going ,kind of environment. No matter how tough, or strong minded a person is, there are times when your heart knows one thing yet your brain tells you another. If you asked people who know me, they would tell you I am out going, a clown at parties and a very social person. I can pretend very well, even though I feel like I am going to explode inside, I push myself out of my comfort zone, as I hate that my conditions rule my life.

And they have for a long time, I have and still do battle with self esteem, worrying to much what others think and forgetting just to be me sometimes. I did not even realize for many years that I even had any of these conditions. I was in a car accident in 2004, when I was 27 years old. I worked as an intern at the time for Canada Pension Old Age Security, and I had a verbal contract for full time work after my internship finished. I had my accident in May and my internship was ending in June. Needless to say I didn't work again until 2008, by that time jobs were scarce and the Feds put a hiring freeze in place so no more Government job for me.
Since then I have not worked the past four years, I have chronic pain, and many other health issues on top of the anxiety disorders. Last year in April, I just could not cope anymore, and I went to my doctor for help. I had a lot going on in my personal life, my nanny had suddenly passed away, my parents who would have been married 35 years this year suddenly separated after my mom found out my dad was having an affair. That was so shocking, as I valued my parent marriage and relationship and would tell everyone how lucky I was to have such a great role model and I wanted a relationship the very same.To top it all of my best friend of 30 years betrayed me in a very nasty way, and I lost not only her support but a very important friendship in my life.
My doctor diagnosed me with the disorders and put me on medication. WOW, has my life changed since then. I did not even realize this is what was wrong with me for years, and I suffered so much and finally found some peace.
Mental illness, anxiety and panic disorders have for many years been something people want to hide and avoid at all costs, shove it under the rug.People can be very judgmental and hurtful,but that is just their ignorance.I think people are afraid of what they don't understand and until you or someone close to you goes through it yourself, you don't fully understand.It's easy to say just get over it, it's another thing to offer compassion and support.Some people are just ignorant and don't know any better.
The very best thing you can do for yourself is to talk about it. I have hidden in my apartment for so long and have wasted so much of my life worrying and hiding and feeling uncertain. I am glad you girls felt comfortable enough to open up about your personal experiences, thanks for sharing. Supporting each other is such a great thing, and feeling like your not alone is amazing.You both also have a friend in me, and cheers to our new empowered and healthy lives.

Wishing you both the best in the future, stay strong, but lean on those who support you when you need it. Hugs and admiration to you both.
Aug 09, 2012 @ 01:14 pm

Hugs for us

I know right? The public needs to be educated...people still think a mental illness is due to lack of intelligence. Even on meds i still have my crazy i am adding counseling and activities..
Aug 18, 2012 @ 10:58 am

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