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Does anybody suffer from migraines?


I've had migraines ever since I was a kid. I'm only recently exploring preventative medicine for them with my doctor, and am so unsatisfied. Right now, he has me trying varying doses of Amitryptilene, which causes my anxiety and depression to act up, has made me gain weight, and hasn't lessened the severity or occurrences of my migraines. Ugh! What a walnut this guy is, too. That's another story.

Any chicks suffer from migraines and can relate? Are you treating yours or do you live on & keep extra strength Tylenol by your side?

I'm curious to try that piercing that supposedly helps!
Apr 21, 2016 @ 09:06 pm

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My brother gets then bad. He is in bed for hours and gets sick when they happen. It's sad
Apr 21, 2016 @ 09:11 pm

I too suffer from them

I have had bad migraines that coincide with my monthly cycle since I was a teenager. My doctor put me on imitrex....and it seems to work. It doesn't prevent them but it takes the pain away, and the light sensitivity away. So sorry to hear your having such trouble. I know it's not fun.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 09:31 pm


I'm sorry to hear you are a fellow sufferer. They can be so terrible. It runs in my family (maternal side) very bad. My own isn't that severe most of the time but I get facial pain almost like a sinus infection and deep eye pain & jaw/tooth pain. The worst is my eyesight. My eyes get very blurry and I have trouble seeing. It makes me anxious because i feel like im going to lose my eyesight. I get nauseated and I have pain in the base of my neck. My daughter also suffers very badly and often but she is 20 and refuses to follow the neurologist's suggestions (avoid triggers like coffee and chocolate and pop). We were very fortunate to see a neurologist (not everyone has that luxury and sometimes only get to see a family dr who may not be aware of the best drugs out there) the neurologist gave us several effective drugs to try. I will have to talk to my daughter because she only takes one of the 3 prescribed to her and I don't remember the names of the other 2 - one of them is preventative. She takes Relpax which helps her and I take Rizatriptan sublingual (it melts under your tongue and works quickly). It has a weird minty medicine taste but who cares??!! My migraine is gone in 15 mins most of the time as long as you take it right away. If it's particularly bad I may have to take two. Max of two allowed in a day.
One thing I would suggest to anyone looking for medication suggestions is to talk to your PHARMACIST, not just your family dr about meds. Medication is a pharmacist's specialty and we often forget that. They can make recommendations to you and your dr. I have severe IBS. my pharmacist recommended Bentylol instead of buscopan and dicetel which I had been taking for so long and weren't helping. Bentylol is a lifesaver. It truly has changed my life with respect to IBS. So definitely ask a trusted pharmacist for recommendations.
Good luck and I hope you find what works for you. Migraines suck!!!
Ps - I also wonder about the piercing ...
Apr 21, 2016 @ 10:29 pm
Kristi F

The worst!

I have suffered from migraines for years and like fly-eyez they make my vision blurred and it's terrifying. I have never had luck with preventive medicine. The only thing that works for me is Excedrin Migraine, and just laying somewhere quiet, it usually works in about 20 minutes.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 10:42 pm


Agreed Kristi. I feel like I'm going blind. It's such a horrible feeling. Like a film is over your eyes and you cannot see. Ohhh and the pain deep in the eye. Ugh. It's so painful. Weirdly enough the base of my neck is like my "aura". If it's hurting and I have a normal headache I can be sure that it will be a migraine. I think it's the vision problems that make me nauseated. I can't belive OTC meds work for you guys! You're so lucky! Even though my insurance pays 90% of my meds the migraine meds are so expensive I have to pay about $50 out of pocket for SIX sublingual tablets!!! My daughter's cost about the same. But, the meds work and they work fast so I guess it's worth it. I wish there was a cheaper version.
Apr 21, 2016 @ 11:54 pm


Yes. I have for years. My mom and brothers also suffer from them. Like fly_eyez I feel my migraines stemming from the base of the neck and my aura seems to begin there.....if that makes any sense. The thing that has helped most is physio. The therapist gave me amazing relief through trigger point treatments and home exercise/stretches. Also liquid ibuprofen can help and peppermint oil to the shoulders, neck, scalp. I take Axert when I can't get relief through other measures and it's very helpful. Usually 1 tablet helps. It does make me drowsy though.

I have that piercing and sadly, it did not help with migraines. But some people swear it helped them.

I would really recommend trying physio. I stuck with it for 9 months. And now do my exercises she gave me religiously and see her when things get bad.
Apr 24, 2016 @ 10:51 pm


Another thing that helped was switching my birth control medication. And improving my posture b
Apr 24, 2016 @ 10:52 pm


I also suffer from migraines. I have not found the true cause yet, but stress seems to make them occur more frequently. My doctor prescribes me Tylenol 3s, which I only take when absolutely necessary. I take one and then go straight to sleep, when I wake up the migraine is gone. This is the only medication that has worked for me. They have helped me regain my life back because before my migraines would last 2-5 days and I would not be able to leave the house.

I feel better knowing that other people on here have dealt with the pain of a true migraine. My migraines are so painful that I lose my vision, throw up and then pass out. It bothers me when people say they have a migraine when they are at work in the bright lights and then they take one Advil and they are fine within minutes. That is what I define as a headache, not a migraine.
Apr 25, 2016 @ 04:24 am


I suffer from migraines ever since I was a child. It sucks is all I can say. I live off advil is all I can say. When my migraines hits me, I can't eat, sleep or do anything. I went to see my GP regarding the migraines and the only thing is go on pain killers (which he advised me they are addictive) He prescribed me to some, no many but about 10. He said if I get an to the point where I'm popping a like a whole bottle of advil (then it might be wise to take one of those pain killers) Apparently they will relieve the pain for a long time. I've never tried because I'm too scared, I don't want to depend on it. I can't believe so many people out there with the same problem, I thought it was just me. The pain is unbearable :(
Apr 30, 2016 @ 06:20 am

I do

Not often, but when they come about, it knocks me out for a few days.

I find having Advil Migraine (the green pills) tends to help if I take them on the onset of a migraine.

As much as it sucks, if you can, see if you can find another doctor (recommended by someone you know).

I have seen so many doctors over the last 12 years (not for migraines), that it`s futile and exasperating at times. I finally got in with my husbands new (to him) doctor after his 3rd request to take me in.

Wow. I didn`t realize there were mainstream doctors who listened, find the cause, and work on solutions with their patients. And treat patients like people, not numbers.

In 2 months, he has helped so much.

Oh, and I used Acupuncture a few times on the onset of a few major migraines - AMAZING! Within 10-15 minutes,

I literally felt so much positive rainbow jazz hands unicorns good inside, I would definitely seek out an Acupuncturist for the bad times!
Apr 30, 2016 @ 07:39 am

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