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First time on birth control


I've never been on birth control before but my dermatologist suggested I go on it to clear my mild acne. I am currently sexually active, although I don't have sex too often) so another form of protection is also a good idea. My doctor gave m a prescription for Yasmin. I'm a little nervous of possible side effects because I like how everything is going. I'm healthy (physically and emotionally) and my period comes every 30-35 days which I like. I don't want to gain weight, become moody, get cramps, spot, etc. The only benefits I'd have is hopefully clearing up my mild acne (which might not even happen) and lighter periods. My doctor said I should just try it for a few months and if my body doesn't react well to it we'll switch to another one.

Another suggestion my dermatologist had was Alesse or YAZ which is apparently similar to Yasmin.

I don't know what to do.
Feb 07, 2010 @ 11:01 pm

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see what happens

There is no way to predict exactly how you'll react to one formulation of the Pill versus another. All you can do is try one and see. You will probably experience some changes in the first months, but if they have not cleared up by 3 months or so, you should talk to your doc about a different formula.

Reactions can be wide-ranging: some women's periods, acne, and moods improve dramatically. Others feel like a lab experiment gone horribly wrong. There really is no way to predict! But don't allow others' experiences to frighten you. There is only one way to know how your body will take to the Pill, and that is to simply give it a try.

I have heard both good and negative things about Yazmin, as I have with most other brands. Sorry I can't be more helpful!
Feb 08, 2010 @ 01:37 am

Don't worry

I was slightly nervous before going on the Pill, but once I started taking it I realized I had nothing to worry about. I didn't experience any side effects, besides reduced cramps, which is a good thing :) Now this is just me, and everyone is different, so who knows how you will react. But my experience comes to show that I, like many women, barely noticed the side effects, and you might not either.

I'm on Alesse. As far as I can tell though, it hasn't cleared up any blemishes, but that wasn't what I was expecting out of it.
Feb 08, 2010 @ 12:43 pm

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