Gluten free???


So I don't know what it is but sometimes I'm so bloated I don't know why... I've been reading a lot on gluten free diets and how gluten causes bloating on some people...I've tried eating healthy I've tried exercising but I'm not losing weight and sometimes my stomach just looks so big like I'm pregnant!! I'm thinking on going on a gluten free diet for a month to see if there's any changes but before that I just wanted some advice from people who are more aware about gluten and gluten free diets
Oct 24, 2014 @ 03:24 pm

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Not sure about gluten free diets but sodium in the diet- especially if theres an excess- can lead to bloating. Also, if you are around you period you will get bloating naturally. Try searching for herbal remedies that would help.
Oct 25, 2014 @ 12:58 am


It could be gluten or dairy. I'm sensitive to both. You can be sensitive to these things without being intolerant. Just try cutting down on your intake. Also, beware of gluten-free products that are processed because other unhealthy items are added to make up for the loss of gluten. Just try eating as clean as possible. Fresh foods, no processed. It will make a difference regardless of whether or not that's what's causing your problem. :)
Oct 27, 2014 @ 01:30 am

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