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health goals...help!


Hi ladies,

I'm (forever!) trying to get in shape, lose weight, and basically get in good health.  I'm very..very very unhealthy, and I really want to change that.  Stop laughing, I really do! 

The only problem is, I find it very hard to stay motivated.  I'm a firm believer that everyday is a new day, so today I've (yet again) started "day one" of my get healthy plan.  This time (unlike in the past) I've started off small.  My week 1 goal is to just stay away from bad carbs (rice, noodles, pasta, bread, etc), and try to incorporate healthier foods into my diet (less processed veges, more fruits, etc).  I've lost weight in the past.  The first time I lost a lot of weight, I dropped about 40lbs, a few years later I dropped 60 lbs (in between I gained back the pounds).  Now I need to drop about 35 lbs to get into my healthy weight region.

I'm 5ft tall and weigh about 150 lbs (I can't believe I let myself get like this...again!).  I would love to be 100 - 105 lbs but realistically I know that a better goal is 115 lbs.  I don't expect to achieve it overnight, but I want to start!!

I'm an avid chick advisor reader and have been a loyal member for many years.  Each of your opinions really matter to me.  I really think it'll motivate me if I update this thread (possibly everyday?) and get feedback from you guys on what I'm doing wrong, what I can do better, etc.. I really feel this will help me in sticking to my goal. I know of lots of really cool sites where people go on for fitness support (like fitday.com) but I don't see that motivating me at all (I've tried it in the past) because I don't know those people and not to sound mean, but their opinions don't mean that much to me.  It's easier for me to forget the site and carry on in my usual unhealthy self than it would be if I was reporting myself to you guys here.

So here's what i'm getting to: is it OK by you chickies if I post my health stuff on this thread?  Your advise, opinions and even negative comments would seriously keep me motivated!   :) 

I've never seen this type of thread here before which is why i'm sort of asking permission before i start ...


Jan 27, 2011 @ 12:46 pm

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LOL !!

AND i meant to post this as anonymous 'cuz i didn't want all my CA buddies to know what a fatty i let myself become ... BUT guess that didn't work out very well ..hahaha .. can't stop laughing ..lol sigh ..lol
Jan 27, 2011 @ 12:47 pm
Ali de Bold


You know what, Becky there are so many people in your position. We can all relate to wanting to be healthy and to be held accountable by people we trust.

Do you have a specific plan for yourself? (rather than general things you want to avoid or eat more of). Do you have a workout plan? You should ideally be doing both to get the long term results you are looking for.
Jan 27, 2011 @ 12:55 pm

great idea!

I think this kind of open diary is actually an incredibly good idea. Physically writing down what you've been doing is self-reinforcing (just like taking notes in class helps you remember the material) and will keep you accountable.

I also want to lose a little weight - admittedly, it's more like 5-10 pounds - so you can know that I'll be inspired by your successes and challenges :)

See? Now you've helped me too!
Jan 27, 2011 @ 12:59 pm


Let's Do it! I'd love to read your updates becky, and I think we could all benefit from some mutual support.

Today is day 1... but in no time it'll be day 30... than 50... then 100. I feel like New Years was yesterday, but it's already January 27th!
Jan 27, 2011 @ 01:07 pm

love it

Becky this is a great idea!

Do you have an exercise plan? And what changes are you going to make to your diet?
Jan 27, 2011 @ 01:58 pm

thank you!! :)

My long term goal is to get in good health (as an added bonus I'd love to be about 115lbs!). In the past I always wanted to get thin, regardless of how I got there. Now, i'm just sick of being sick. I want to have the health that normal girls my age enjoy. I want to be able to climb stairs and not feel like I want to throw up. I want to be healthy! I really want to do this the right way.

In the past I always aimed too high too fast and shot myself down too quickly. I aimed to exercise 1hr a day, everyday, eat only healthy food, keep calories down to a minimum, etc. and all of that good intention lasted for a week (if that) and I would get frustrated (and super hungry) and go back to my unhealthy self.

This time around I want it to be different, slowly changing one 'addiction' at a time so its easier for me to keep up. Change one bad addiction, give myself one week to get used to it, then tackle another addiction. I'm addicted to unhealthy habits, unhealthy food and laziness. Yup, laziness is definitely an addiction of mine!

My ultimate goal is to get into a sustainable exercise and eating routine, that will keep me physically fit and improve my overall health. And I'm starting off super small.

@Ali: I'm so afraid of aiming too high and falling flat on my face (especially since I forgot to check the 'anonym' on this thread and you all know which fatty is posting in here lol) :-) My goals are a bit vague, but I would just love if you can give me some targets to meet?

@Mamaluv: I sooo you as only an online friend can!! :-) your reply made me laugh :) I will do my best to be as honest as I can here and if that helps anyone at all even a little bit, I will feel privileged!

@Lauren: you are soo right! Today's day 1, in no time at all it'll be day 30... and I will hopefully be able to tell you guys that I lost weight and gained better health compared to where I'm standing today! :-)

@Cathy: I ... hate .. exercise! :( *hangs head in shame*
I know I shouldn't, but I do. I really envy the girls who love going to the gym and they find it cleansing to exercise. I WISH i did!! I think the main reason I don't like to exercise is a) it's HARD to exercise when you're carrying about 30 lbs of extra baggage!! It's simply hard to move!! And b) I get bored very easily. In the past I've treadmill'ed everyday, and really had to force myself to do it, but this time around because I want to make changes that I can actually keep up, instead of treadmill I want to do workout dvds. That way I will hopefully actually start enjoying myself and learn to like exercising. And hopefully as I shred some of the extra lbs it'll get easier to get off my butt and move, and I'll start to enjoy working out.

I really want to be one of those girls who finds working out "their time" and "cleansing". Along with losing weight, gaining health and drinking more water, I want to learn to enjoy working out.

Goals for Week one:
no bad carbs (no pasta, rice, noodles, etc). I will replace that with good carbs / fibre that I can get from veges, fruits, etc. I love coffee, so for week one I won't give up drinking coffee. I currently drink coffee "double double". I'm going to continue drinking it that way this week, but next week I will change that to milk and splenda instead of cream and sugar.
I want to drink MORE WATER!! I have a HUGE issue drinking water. It sounds so dumb but I don't exactly like drinking water. Drinking a lot of water all at once (to me a lot = 1 glass) makes me nauseous. I've read everywhere that water is key to good health so if I can form the habit of drinking at least 8glasses of water a day, I will love myself!

I am also aiming to exercise 3 days a week for "week one". In the past I used to do 1hr treadmill but I just find that so extremely boring!! I have a lot of work out dvds (slim in 6, jillian michaels 30day shred, billy banks tybo, p90x) so I will use those. I'll try a different one each day so I don't get bored. If you guys know of any other workout dvds out there that are fun please let me know! For 'week two' I want to up my exercise for 4 or 5 days! Or maybe add wrist and ankle weights to my 3day workouts so it'll up the intensity .. what do you guys think?

Maybe i'm too much of an optimist, but I think that any healthy eating plan and exercise routine will work in losing weight, the only magic pill is to actually DO IT. If I can just stick to it, it'll work.

I know I keep saying I want to gain health and that I'm very unhealthy. I don't just mean that I look and feel fat. I mean that nowadays I have super high blood pressure, something which I've never had before (even back when I weighed more than I do now) and I want to bring that under control. My high pressure is causing me to get really bad headaches, palpitations, and ....I just can't explain how sick I feel. I am seeing several doctors who are trying to figure out this high pressure thing, but I really believe that all of this will be tremendously helped if only I could get into a healthier eating / exercising habit. I also have extremely low hemoglobin and low ferratin and low whatever else they test for when they test your red blood cell count ....again I think getting in better shape will improve my over all health and feeling of well being. I've spoken to my doctor and she said that exercise and healthy eating is bound to be beneficial to me and encouraged me to go for it.

Wow sorry for the long post guys! And thank you for reading thus far! Any and all suggestions are more than welcome .. thank you :)
Jan 27, 2011 @ 03:57 pm


@mamaluv i wrote i soooo *heart* you but put the heart in << >> ..for some reason my thread ate the brackets!
Jan 27, 2011 @ 03:58 pm


Here's a little bit that I know:

--You don't need to cut out carbs like pasta, bread altogether, just substitute for brown carbs.
--dairy products are very fattening, so reduce portions and never drink milk that isn't skim (make sure to ask for skim at any coffee shops).
--I get bored of water too, so I stock up on herbal and green teas. Sip all day long! FYI mulberry has a lot of health benefits and mulberry tea is quite tasty, so try some out!

The only way to make a healthy lifestyle change is to be realistic. You really don't need to cut out the things you enjoy altogether, but EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

As far as exercising goes, I hear ya!! I find the treadmill and weight lifting super boring. Personally I love taking group fitness classes. If I'm working out alone, there's a very good possibility I'll convince myself it's okay to cut corners. But if you are in a group, you can sort of feed off the energy of other people in the room and you can't stop until the teacher says the exercise/class is over (well you can but then you look weak).
--And you really don't need to work out every day of the week to see results. If you do 3 strong workouts a week, that's perfect!

Also, take small changes to your regular routine to get your heart pumping as much as possible. I.e. take a walk during your lunch break at work, skip the elevator and take the stairs, force yourself to walk more! If you take public transit, why not get off 1 or 2 stops earlier than usual and walk the rest of the way, or if you drive, park a little farther than usual.

Okay that's the end of my rant. Hope some of these things work for you!
Jan 27, 2011 @ 04:24 pm

My Girl

I am a huge Jillian Michaels fan, I have all of her DVDs and they are my favourite! If you can give just 45min - an hour of your day to do one of her videos I promise you will see results pretty fast (especially with a couple of improvments to your eating plan).

The thing I love most about Jillian is she incorporate cardio and heart pumping moves throughout the work out, so that you burn fat while you build muscle. Her work outs are intense if you endure the entire video but I promise you will feel it the next day and wont have to spend so many boring hours on the treadmill!

I've really had to rely on her video for the past month because I'm living in a teeny tiny basement room and my gym membership is on hold while I'm here in T.O. I don't feel like I've compromised much though she really kicks your butt and I don't get bored because I have 6 of her DVDs and a few of them have more than one work out on each disk.

-That's just my two cents

Jan 27, 2011 @ 04:40 pm
Ali de Bold

Your goals

Hi Becky, for your goals as to how much you should lose, etc that would be something you'd have to talk to a professional about (trainer, nutritionist, doctor, etc). It isn't something anyone unqualified (like yours truly) should be advising you on. I'd strongly recommend talking to at least one of the above if you're serious about achieving your goals. You can always go for a free session with Trainer George... ;)
Jan 27, 2011 @ 05:08 pm

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