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i got my period twice in one month! im scared!


i got an abortion november 1st! everything was fine, i got my period 2 weeks later, then another 2 weeks i got it again! I really didnt pay any mind to it but then i got it again on Dec. 28 i think....now i have it again! its not as heavy as a regular period, and the 1st day its not red it brownish! i dont know if its cause i have alot of unprotected sex...but its aways with just one person! I have been taking birth control (Yaz) but sometimes i forget to take it and i skip days! im scared and i dont know who to talk to, if im pregnant again i dont know what to do cause im to young and theres just too many things going through my head! can some one help!
Jan 07, 2009 @ 02:13 pm

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call someone....

I don't know how young you are but you should call your local clinic and ask to meet with a nurse or doctor....maybe the clinic where you got your abortion.

Do not forget to take your birth control pill....you are only asking for trouble if you do....skipping days will make you get your period early...and the abortion didn't help either.

Practice safe sex at all times....
Jan 08, 2009 @ 07:59 pm


Silvercity is right, you should absolutely go to a clinic and have it checked out. But before you freak out, know that there are many reasons why your cycle could be irregular that are not necessarily causes for concern:

1. you're young, your cycle can take years to really settle into a regular pattern
2. missing birth control can jumpstart your period and/or jumpstart your ovulation! You absolutely must have protected sex until you are very consistent with taking your Pill because you really could get pregnant
3. an abortion is hard on a body, so expect that there will be an adjustment period.

I must say, though, that if you acknowledge that:

(a) you are too young for the responsibility of a baby,
(b) you are having unprotected sex - and by the way, it doesn't matter if you are monogamous (you don't know your boyfriend's history but what he has told you, and you can't be 100% sure he is monogamous too), and
(c) you have difficulty keeping up with a regular birth control...

...should you really be having sex at all? I'm not trying to give you a lecture here, but rather encourage you to ask yourself if all this stress and these health issues are worth a few minutes of pleasure. Despite what we like to think, sex is a Big
Deal and should only be enjoyed when we are old enough to deal with the consequences. Having multiple abortions when you're young because you are not ready for motherhood will quite possibly be a decision you'll regret down the road if you damage yourself beyond being able to have kids when you are ready, in addition to the typical regret of having ended your pregnancies at all.

If you are worried that your boyfriend will reject you if you ask him to wear a rubber, then he is not worth one more precious minute of your time. If he loves and respects you, he will agree to wear protection and maybe even take a break from sex.

You are worth it! Make sure he knows that, or show him the door. And see your doctor for your current health problem and to ask about a more reliable form of birth control (Patch, IUD, injection, etc) while you sort the problem out.
Jan 10, 2009 @ 09:28 pm


Mamaluv is right. Why are you having unprotected sex when you already went and had an abortion 2 months ago?? Unprotected sex is always a bad idea. The pill doesn't protect you from STDs and it doesn't sound like you are doing a good job of taking it in the first place. An abortion is a big deal and it should have been a major wake up call for you. Go and talk to a Doctor and an older person you trust. The choices you make today will greatly impact you later in life.
Jan 10, 2009 @ 11:15 pm

almost same problem

hi..i am 19 and havin the same problem.i had my 1st period 1 and half
weeks befor i had unprotected sex with my bf.we did it since
28/01/09-1/02/09..and i had 2 morning after pills in this span with a
gap of 2 n half days after each pill.

and since the 1/2/09 v have been having protected sex and i got my
second period kind of thing on 4/2/09.the first period was on time and
normal heavy flow(during this time i was not sexualy active)but the
second period was dark and light(today is my second day and it is
unusualy light).

oh and i am hypothyroid...and have 500mg of thyronorm..but lately have
been havin at different time every day.so i am wondering if i am
pregnant?and when can i get a pregnancy test done!please help asap!!

ps(i got my periods twice ,2 and a half months ago...but that time my
bf had a condom on,i did not have any contraceptive pills and he did
not enter me properly as it was unbearable pain for me n nor did he
ejaculate near me.and then i thot it was cuz of my thyroid tablets as
i fluctuated my thyronorm tablets from 500mg to 200mg and at times
100mg as i did not have enough tablets with me)

please help me if im pregnant!!asappppp
Feb 05, 2009 @ 12:03 am


oh and when i said enough tablets that meants i was out on a holiday and that time period i did not have enough tablets as i lost my medicines half way through my holiday :(
Feb 05, 2009 @ 12:05 am

Go see a doctor

Honestly when people post things like this "Tell me if I'm pregnant" we're not going to know. I don't know why people think if they post something on forums that we'll know. I really doubt anyone here is completely qualified to determine if you're pregnant based on the little information you tell us online. There could be many other factors that could be affecting you here that we don't know about, tests that you might have to undergo which we can't do and medical history that we can't look at and probably couldn't figure out how and if that could be affecting you now.

Go see a doctor. That's the safest and most accurate diagnosis you can get. And if you're still not sure see another doctor to see if they match the first one's assessment. Whatever answer you get here will be speculation based on limited information.
Feb 07, 2009 @ 11:16 am

Possibly Stress Related too

Oh, I remember having the same problem, meaning multiple periods in a month. I had 3 periods in 1.5 months, due to stress. None of them were heavy flow, but each lasted pretty long. Stress is like poison to the body, so maybe you were stressed too, combined with the other things.

I don't take birth control pills, nor am I sexually active, I'm just sharing that I've experienced the same problems because of stress. Hope it's helpful.
Feb 09, 2009 @ 07:51 pm
Ali de Bold

Agree with Tigerlilly

There is no way any of us can tell you if you are pregnant or not. Go and see the Doctor and stop having unprotected sex. The morning after pill is designed for emergency only not as a substitute for protection. Plus that will do nothing whatsoever to protect you against STDs, which is a far worser fate than early motherhood in my opinion.
Feb 09, 2009 @ 08:04 pm


im having the same type of problem! :S
me and my boyfriend had sex at the beginning of the month and the condom broke during sex, before he came, so it would have just been pre-cum that got in there. then like 2 days later i got my period, EARLY, and it was very light! then about 3 days later it become heavier and was normal, that lasted for 4 days.
then later on in the month we had sex again, this time the condom broke during sex, we got a new condom and continued. when he started to cum he pulled out, after cumming a bit in me, and finished cumming outside of me, he realized the condom was broken. 2 days after that i got my period. it started strong like normal, but the timing was way off!

whats going on?!

May 30, 2009 @ 03:06 pm

Ask. A. Doctor.

None of us can offer explanation why you're having so many periods; only a professional can satisfactorily address that, beyond the few anecdotes some of us have already shared. You need to ask a doctor. Simple as that.

These questions come up pretty often in this forum. I wonder why everyone is so nervous to see a doctor? Are you scared that your parents will find out, or are you too embarrassed to admit these things to a stranger? Are you worried about the cost or believe you don't have time to go to the clinic?

Recognize that each of these concerns are excuses, and not good ones. There are free women's health clinics in most major cities, and privacy laws protect your identity unless you fall below the age of consent (state or province-specific) in which case they need to tell your parent. Which they probably should anyway if a girl is, say, 11 years old and having sex. Telling a doctor you've never met about your situation may be embarrassing, but how much more embarrassing will it be when you need to have treatment for an STD or pregnancy/abortion? This is not the time for embarrassment.

Precum - there can be sperm present in precum, which is why the "pull out" method is total crap.

Broken condom - either he's putting it on wrong, wearing the wrong size, or you need to buy a better brand. They should not break so often. Also, check the expiry date. The condom material can get brittle with time if it's an old package. You might even ask him to call the 800 number for the condom's manufacturer to find out what's wrong - hey, he might even get a refund ;) "Oh, that's too embarrassing!" Again, embarrassment is irrelevant. What is important is: protecting yourself and making smart decisions where you can live with the consequences.

Tsomeone, not all of these points are addressed to you specifically. I mention these for the sake of this conversation in general.

The younger ladies here will hopefully realize that those of us who are a little older are not preaching down to you, but rather really hoping you understand our perspective. Many of us have been there and some of us have learned the hard way.
May 31, 2009 @ 09:07 am

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