Is Diclectin safe?


I'm early stage pregnancy and I've been taking Diclectin for the past few weeks. I'm not terribly sick but I do feel nauseous most of the time so I've gotten in the habit of taking 2-3 of these per day. My Dr. told me that should be fine and I've read that it's safe, but it is banned it the States, which is concerning.  Plus it is soooo effective it makes me worried if it could harm my tiny baby.  Does anyone have experience with this? 
Dec 13, 2010 @ 04:02 pm

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I used it

Right up till I was almost due with my son - he'll be 8 in May. I dont think I took that many tablets though, maybe 2 on a bad day.I couldnt have worked without it. I had severe illness with my older daughter too but this wasnt offered so I had to quit work at 6 weeks.

I cant say that the issues he had as an infant had anything to do with the medication - and no Doctor even links them but my son did have problems with extreme jaundice at birth. We had to spend 3 days with him under the lights, tube feeding until his liver started to work properly. He had projectile vomiting till about 10 months due to a not quite mature digetive system. Nothing required meds, surgery or more hospital time but hes always been a bit behind in some things.

I more blame it on inheriting Daddys ADHD - trouble in social settings and concentrating on his school work. But on the other hand he a very physical boy with an insane natural ability for electronics and trains. Give this kid a wire, 9 volt battery and a mini light bulb and he'll amaze you ;)

Guess my point is my daughter (without meds) was fine, only I suffered and my son with the meds is still well in the average range for his age/sex. I would trust my Doctors advise or I would be seeing him/her/

Why is it banned in the US?
Dec 16, 2010 @ 12:24 am

Here's what I found

Apparently there were some US lawsuits in the 1980s over the supposed teratogenic ("birth defect causing") side effects of the drug, but from what I've read it was never banned. The company simply withdrew it from the market because they were tired of fighting the legal battles. These lawsuits were all unsuccessful and there is supposedly no evidence of the medication being dangerous.

This medication was well studied at the time and is widely used in Canada with, I presume (since I haven't personally heard of any - take that with a mountain of salt please!), few to no problems reported.

As with any medication, if you can manage without, it's always a good idea to avoid. That goes for labour meds too (but I was all over that epidural!). That said, as always, do your homework and try to relax about it all. There are plenty of things a pregnant woman "should not do" for the sake of her baby, so you have enough to stress about as it is - and stress is also not a good thing :)

Good luck and keep us posted!
Dec 16, 2010 @ 10:07 am

Going on and off

I've been on and off with it and that is the worst. It says in the instructions not to do that because it makes your symptoms worse and I find that to be true. I could probably do without it but I need it to function at work so I'm 100% instead of feeling crappy all the time. Thanks so much for doing this research for me.
Dec 16, 2010 @ 10:39 am



This is my 2nd pregnancy and I am 6 weeks and even more sick than my 1st pregnancy. I was offered Diclectin this time around and am unsure because my younger brother was born with down syndrome and therefore my changes of having a child with a disorder is higher.

Any thoughts or opinions would be so appreciated! I have a 2 year old boy and I can just can't function with having to throw up throughout the day and not being able to eat I feel so weak :(

Please help!
Dec 20, 2010 @ 03:04 pm

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