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Looking to start a business!


My boyfriend is a well-established entrepreneur - but I am not. I had an idea awhile ago to start a "dog running" business - I love to run, and love dogs - why not combine the 2? Plus a portion of sales can go to a local animal rescue agency that I would LOVE to support.

-What would you ladies look for in a business like this?
-Are there similar services where you live? What are they like?
-Any other comments are appreciated :)
May 21, 2015 @ 03:25 pm

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Do what you love!

I absolutely believe that the key to success is doing what you love! I have no advice to offer, as I am currently working for "The Man", but I wish you so much luck! It sounds totally viable to me.
May 21, 2015 @ 03:35 pm


I like the idea, I don't have anything like that in my area but I am sure there would be a lot of people who have larger high energy breeds would be interested in getting their dog more exercise.
Key to this would probably have to be your availability, when you can take the dog for a walk/run. I know many people who work long hours would probably be looking at day time or early morning availability to get the dogs out while they are at work. Are you a dog owner yourself? I personally take comfort in the idea that where-ever I am taking my dog, groomer/vet/daycare that the people are also experienced pet parents, it's rather important for my own peace of mind.

I have a guy in my area that does a doggy day care here, not a kennel, the dogs are not caged at all. I don't like the idea of having my dogs spend their day in a cage, they are not caged at home and I most certainly won't pay someone to cage them elsewhere. He lets them roam and play on his property, he is situated on about two fenced acres and the dogs are constantly supervised. He does very well, he charges about $20 a day with drop at 7am and pickup by 7pm - does overnight as well if required.

Are there many dog services in your area? I'd check out the off leash parks if you have any and strike up conversation with a few people to see what they think and if it's something they would ever consider using. Check out the competition in the area, what's being offered and what's not, see if there is a gap you can fill/offer something that's not currently available
May 21, 2015 @ 03:50 pm


Thanks for all the feedback!! When I researched dog walkers in the area many of them were "pick up and drop off at your location" so - where we walked would depend on where we were picking up. If I service my area only, there are tons of trails and places that we already run - and they are all doggy friendly which is great.

My boyfriend and I both had dogs and cats growing up (my parents with 2 greyhounds and 3 cats...) so we are used to dogs and love them - though we don't have one of our own currently due to the condo lifestyle which I don't think is very fair to dogs.

There is currently a service offered in the city and it looks like they only service the immediate city - I couldn't find any in the more suburban area where we live - so I have an ad on kijiji and out through friends to gauge interest.

The service in the city also operates 7am-10pm - which are super extended hours. Of course to start out with I would personally offer evenings and weekends, and I have a friend who works shift work who wants to join the team and offer daytime services on her days off.

Even just a few hours a week I think I would really enjoy getting to spend some time with puppy pals. I wish I could start with my parents' greyhounds, but both have ended up with recurring racing injuries :(
May 21, 2015 @ 04:00 pm


My pleasure! I have two dogs of my own and they are my babies :) There's nothing I wouldn't do for those two critters if it made them happy. I don't run but if I can pay someone to run with my dog maybe once a week I'd be happy to hand him over provided they satisfy my overbearing momma background check lol

Suburbs usually mean commuters, which usually means dog spends more time at home due to travel time depending on how far out of the city you are located. Which means the possibility of higher interest in getting a dog walker while they are away.
Have you thought about offering a walk/run service, I am sure many people would be interested in just walks as well since many breeds don't do well with high impact exercise. You should think about setting up a website maybe, you have a face I feel I can trust - I know that sounds incredibly stupid but people want to know who they are leaving their dog's with and maybe that can attract some positive interest for you (?) When I look dog business's up I want to see the people that run it, if I don't mehhh personally I will maybe call them or maybe not depending on what else is available in the area. Reviews are also key, nowadays everyone is looking for some type of feedback for a service so if you have a website with positive (real) feedback that can also be a plus. I find if I see a review, maybe I won't necessarily use the service BUT I will be more prone to contact them and take it from there.

I definitely know what you mean about dogs and small living spaces, definitely not fair to the dogs, they need room to play and trouble to cause !
May 21, 2015 @ 04:15 pm

dog service

I personally think this is an awesome idea. We have a doggie daycare in our town and they are never caged! They have a fenced in area for playtime. I have never caged my baby and wouldn't want someone else to! I'm a protective fur baby mommy too! Even when I took him to the groomer, I sat in there and waited. I never left him there and he hated going in that place with all the other dogs barking. I learnt how to groom him myself. As for as the area, considering you all are in such a cold climate, I'm sure people will be happy to let their baby have a run or jog with a reputable person, instead of them having to brave the cold. I would make flyers, listing your services, area, fees, and I think your personal background, like a glimpse into your expertise at this. I know I would be so leery of turning mine over to a stranger. This way, they can call you over the phone or meet you at the dog run park where you all can meet each other. Great idea for a business and I wish you much success! Ginger
May 21, 2015 @ 10:58 pm

thank you!!

Thanks to everyone for all of the tips!! This is a great time of year when I know people are thinking about getting their dogs out more, and I would love to be able to walk/run with some fur babies :) Here's hoping we can gain some interest in this!
May 22, 2015 @ 08:30 am
Sandra Ribeiro


Go for it. The key to successful businesses is loving what you do!
May 25, 2015 @ 12:55 pm


How is your business these days?
Did everything work out for you?
May 22, 2022 @ 04:23 am


I hope everything worked well for her but for sure many business didn't survived the pandemic. I guess we all need to adapt to the new world and implement the modern technology in our businesses . Only this way we can still keep the customers and have some profit. In my company we always send sms from slack when we want to remind our clients about us. Works well.
May 30, 2022 @ 03:35 pm
emilia hernes


It is never easy to start something new.
Make sure you check the competitors and offer something better than they do.
Jun 12, 2022 @ 05:36 pm

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