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Natural Therapy or connecting with your children


I've seen it in the news ,read it in the paper and also heard it on the Radio.I guess you are wondering what I'm talking about,it's colouring.It seems to be the in thing today for Parents.I've heard it's good therapy for Depression and a great way to connect with your kids and spend some time with them.The reason I'm writing about this topic is,I was wondering if any of you Chicks heard about it before and if you do colour for Therapy,what kind of Books are we talking about here?Is it a Colouring Book that kids colour in or,is it a different colouring Book for Adults only?I'mjust trying to get some information on this topic.Thanks Chicks for feedback.
Dec 21, 2015 @ 03:03 am

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Heard of it

I heard of coloring for adults but, I've never tried it I can see it helping with stress as it will keep your mind on coloring would be really relaxing
Dec 26, 2015 @ 12:28 am


Thanks so much for the advice, I'm definitely going to try some of these points!
Dec 26, 2015 @ 07:08 am

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