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Obgyn help


So, I need a new obgyn. I'm in my mid-thirties and have a family history of fertility issues. I have one now who I have not seen in several years because she is quite mean, made me feel like crap about myself, my body and my decisions. I know that a good one is sacred, but if you have one you trust and is knowledgeable with starting a family with fertility concerns - will you please share. I'm in Toronto (west toronto). If you'd like, you could message me directly ... is this allowed?

Thank you ladies.
Oct 28, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

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Ali de Bold

Dr. Tessler is awesome

Dr. Karen Tessler is great. She's quick, very kind and I feel
confident in her. You have to get a referral but this can be done by
your family doctor or even a walk in clinic. She's located on Queen St.
E a block or so from the Eaton Center.

I've had Dr's who were bullies too. What's with that? Everyone, please
review Doctors you'd like to recommend on ChickAdvisor. This kind of
feedback is really helpful for those of us looking for anything from a
Dentist to an OBGYN or even a Plastic Surgeon. :)
Oct 28, 2009 @ 01:25 pm

ooo good topic!

I need one in Toronto as well and have to start hunting for one shortly! You should never stay with a doc that you have a bad rapport with...you should feel heard and understood otherwise the communication between the two of you could break down and that is NOT what you want with someone who is there to help you with health concerns!
Oct 28, 2009 @ 04:26 pm


Thanks MissChickie. Anyone else? I like the idea of sharing info about people we trust.

However, the Dr. I had was trusted by someone very close to me and swore by her. I think that she was a little mean to my friend as well, but my friend saw past it. I couldn't do it, I can say that she really scared me from my annual check-up and for this reason I have not gone for a few years (i know, horrible). I find that Dr's (all types) are becoming increasingly impatient (no pun intended) and are bullying many of their patients now a days. Not all, but many. I've had some horrible experiences in all parts of health care. Had one today with the most miserable sack of clerks at an x-ray clinic. They were so rude, that I was forced to snap back. Wait for it ... they then made me wait behind five people who came in after me. And believe me people, I'm a very patient and nice person - my livlihood depends on it! Read my 20 questions answer to people (or things?) that annoy me ........ afterschool specials ROCK!!! Okay, they don't really "rock", but we could rent a few from the library every once in a while to bring it alllllllll back. No?!

Thanks to all who help each other out in this topic. We gals need to stick together, not only for ourselves, but for the people we love and those who love us. If we don't take care of ourselves, no one will.

MizzRobin - I hope this topic helps you out as well.
Oct 28, 2009 @ 08:32 pm

sucky drs!

I've had problems with walk in drs. I went to get a confirmation pregnancy test, a referral to an OB, AND for them to look at my back (I have alot of back issues)
She put the stick in the urine, said she'd be back, walked out... helped 2 other patients and then SAW that I was STILL in the room and had to ASK reception why I was still there. Also, I told her about my back, after she confirmed pregnancy, and she gave me like 20 sample packs of Robax Platnum!!!!

Then, when i was in labor, I had issues with my nurses. I snapped at 2 of them, and one I loved soo much!
Then, I had issues with a pediatrician, who informed me children only need to breastfeed for 5 mins on both sides per feeding. Needless to say, I never saw any of them again.

Don't let them make you feel less important or bad about yourself. I understand they're over worked, because of lack of drs. lately, but they don't need to use superiority just because they can. Report them to the college of physicians! Its not only rude, but 100% uncalled for!

Good luck finding a good dr!
Oct 29, 2009 @ 02:11 am

too busy to be nice

Of all the doctors I've seen in my life, I am fortunate enough to say I've met one Super SUPER OBGYN after I had my baby. I was supposed to go see the doc who delivered my baby but she was on mat leave herself and I was referred to her colleague. You have to wait forever to see her (even with an appointment) but it's totally worth it because she takes her time to answer your questions patiently and takes detailed notes for each visit. (She even drew pictures for her record which was great b/c we needed a comparison at my following visit.) She was SO NICE!! I've had other nice doctors but by far, my OBGYN was the best.

Unfortunately, I don't live in TO, so it doesn't help you Toronto chicks. Sorry!

I have been with my family doc for a few years and we've never really liked her. She was always in a rush, canceling our (after work) appointments at the last minute and she never remembered us. She asked us several times to sign a form so we can be her patients, something we did the first time we met her. Anyway, we were NOT impressed and was actually considering changing doctors.

But then, after I had the baby, I had to go to her a lot for post-birth problems. My mom also moved to Ottawa and she went to see my doc many times too. During the day, my family doc was like a completely different person. She was sweet, nice, thorough and she remembers us every single time! She even played with my baby! I was so surprised!!
Oct 31, 2009 @ 02:05 pm
Ali de Bold

Who is it?

Hey Bubbly, we have lots of Ottawa members who I'm sure would love to know who this awesome Dr. is. :) Share?
Oct 31, 2009 @ 06:15 pm

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