Off the pill and starting anew....


My period has been completely messed up. It is either early or late and could start off as spotting and then last for over a week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaargh i can't stand it!
Also, i was on the pill for about 3years and never,ever had acne. I now have oily oily skin and my back and hairline has so many fine pimples!!!!!!!!!! i am 22 by the way
The GP said it will work itself out, but I want to know if i am the only one? i feel like i am going to be in my 'period' zone forEVER!!! like its just not stopping...and i dont want these zits to stay :( its making me so sad
Thanks ladies
Nov 24, 2009 @ 06:13 am

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been there...

So sorry to hear you're struggling with this! Many of us, including me, have been there. It really depends person to person. My issues cleared up after 3 months or so, but you could be shorter or longer and still fit in a "normal" range.

I even found that through much of my 20s I had times of what seemed like I was going through puberty again! After I had a few babies, I'm finally happy with my skin and cycle regularity.

I wish there was a simple answer :( Until then, drink as much water as you can and experiment with different beauty regimens - exfoliation (I suggest with a mild or all-natural product for less chance of reaction), honey masks, and possibly a different line of face makeup (ie. foundation) to reduce the irritation. Unfortunately I don't know of any remedy for your irregular period. You'll probably just have to wait that one out.
Nov 24, 2009 @ 02:22 pm

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