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Paris' Exercise Camp(ish)


Excersise: Let's Get Together..yeah yeah yeah
(In the words of the song sung by the lovely twins in the Parent Trap...the classic version of course!)

As a fitness-obsessed girly girl, and amateur personal trainer secondly, I thought I'd start up a 'Discussion' thread about my workout routine, documenting it...leading to questions and seeing how many people I can get on board and try to get our bodies in the best shape of our lives!

For those of you that are in, please make an announcement and we'll get this thing started!

I plan on documenting my days at the gym, routine, and progress made...who knows, maybe we can offer support and encouragement to those wanting to get in shape, or at least perhaps someone will learn something;)

Feb 05, 2007 @ 01:33 pm

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Oooo good plan!

I am definitely interested in something like this! I need someone else to help motivate my mopey butt into gear!
Feb 05, 2007 @ 01:39 pm

Important Facts about Weight Lifting & Proper Techniques

--Weight amount lifted is my own personal amount, you may need to increase or decrease the weight, but remember...CHALLENGE yourself. You won't get results if you don't push, and don't convince yourself that you'll start light and then eventually build up to heavy. You can't build strength and endurance if you aren't pushing yourself from the beginning. It should burn, and you should be out of breath by the end of each and every set. You will WANT and NEED to take a few minutes in between each set to regain strength and catch breath to be able to do the next set. Waiting a few minutes is the proper way to do a strength/muscle building routine. Don't rush it...play some music and enjoy it!

--You will slowly see a progress, and when you do and you can go past 10-12 reps without breaking a sweat or getting red, this means that you GO UP in weight! This is great!! It doesn't mean that you will bulk up like a body builder (not possible by the way unless you're taking steroids!), but it does mean you are getting stronger and will be building muscle.

--Take your time. Enjoy the workout, enjoy meeting people in there. Plus when guys see you in there and you aren't some fragile thing acting like you don't kow what you are doing, but go in there with a head on your shoulders and own the gym and do your workout...trust me they think it's the sexiest thing.

--Be proud, encourage yourself and set goals. Figure out what you want to achieve first hand, and then go for it. go after it and don't fall back. If you give way to excuses, then they will inevitably pile up. Push yourself and you will see the results. Be proud when you can increase the weights and move up!
Feb 05, 2007 @ 01:57 pm

February 5: Day 1

Ok, ladies! This is day 1 of documenting my regime.

Oh, and it's a Monday...could this work ANY better? lol.
--Important note, today's workout for me is 2 hours! An hour cardio, and hour upper body workout.

Spinning Class at 5:30 pm.
--55 minute cardio class, with high intensity climbs, interval training, sprints, jumps (burning up to 800 calories/hour depending upon intensity and time within target heart range of 85%, and adding in metabolic rate..more muscle = more calorie burn!!)

Follow class with:
Abs: 25 Crunches, 25 side obliques (each for left and right), 50 bicycle, 4 minute plank.

Military Press: 20lb bar, 3 sets of 13...push until you can do no more, and then do ONE more!

Biceps: 15lb bar, 15lbs in weight plates...3 sets of (place 3 plates on each side to total 15 lbs, that's 3 2.5 plates; do 8 reps, take plate off each side, do 8 reps, take plate off each side, do 8 reps, take plate off each side, remaining bar, do 8 more reps.) This is done all in 1 set, immediately after another.

Shrugs: Using 45lb hex bar, add on plates to desired amount. Do 3 sets of maximum amount of reps. Stick within 8-10 range, if you can go more, either go very slow or add more weight!

Front Shoulder: 10 lb weight in each hand, lift arms one at a time until they are perpendicular to you, return to side. Repeat with second arm. Do this for 3 sets, 10 reps.

Butterfly: Take 8 lbs weights in each arm, raise together out from body to sides, should be a little higher than shoulder blades, keep straight. (will look like you are making a lowercase T with body). Do this for 3 reps, 10 sets.

Triceps: 15lb weight, grab in both hands and place behind head, lift for 3 sets, 10 reps. (In case you are unfamiliar with this exercise, this is how it's done without the weight...grasp hands together, together raise them up to your face, over and behind your head and reach down until you hit the base of your neck. This is starting position, where you will have a weight, and then you will lift that until your arms are straight above your head, and return to start position.

Rear Delt: This is the actual machine. You will sit with your chest against the pad, arms in the correct position, and move until they make a straight line with your body. 30 lbs, 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

Lats: This is my biggest trouble area! I have no lats lol. And lat-pulls don't seem to work becaue my muscle is not built and I in turn don't do the exercise properly...I use my biceps more. So this is what I do. I go to the row machine, the upright one that has 2 bars connected that you pull...not the one with the cables. You sit with your chest to the padding and reach out past it and grab ahold of 2 handles, pulling the bars to your chest. I do this with only 30lbs on the machine, and do it VERY slowly for as many reps as I can do. Most importantly is that you are pulling with your shoulders and back muscles and not your biceps! 3 Sets.

And Viola! You're done with your first work-out of the week. Now this is a 2 hour workout. So if you are cramped for time, do either the cardio or the upper body workout for today, and do the next one tomorrow.
Feb 05, 2007 @ 01:58 pm

Yay! 2 Members!

Alright, this is what I like to hear! Make sure to post what you want to achieve and your results, your own workout or questions that you may have.

Bikini Season is coming after all lol:)
Feb 05, 2007 @ 01:59 pm

But I am a weakling!

Hey, any thoughts on how one could start out slowly? I really want someone to motivate me but I am not in the best shape right now. I do dance classes once a week but that's about it...other than free weights and crunches and jogs with the puppy... I can't do a gym membership right now ($$) so I need something I can do on my own...
Feb 05, 2007 @ 03:27 pm
Ali de Bold

Great idea Paris!!

I've been getting "office butt" from all this sitting. I normally love working out and take it very seriously. I agree that you have to push past the pain. Your point about going until you can't do any more then doing 1 more is exactly right. That's the only way to get results.
Feb 05, 2007 @ 03:28 pm

Gyms & at-Home

Well, I feel you on the $$ issue, I work out at our multi-million dollar gorgeous gym supplied by my college, only you have to be a student and I just graduated, which means now $65 a month, but it's so worth it. I'm spoiled and wouldn't go anywhere else. But I went home for the holidays and got my Mom into a gym, and we went around to find the best prices, and if you can set aside a little bit, you'd be surprised how cheap you can get them! She got a full membership at Gold's Gym (including all classes, spinning, free weights and an initial training regiment worked out with their personal trainer) all for $30 a month, which when you put i what you're getting out of it, it's worth it. Just think, if you cut back on say eating out or buying an extra drink or two from the bar wen you go out, you are not only healthier in that aspect, but you can dump that into a gym fund!
But if that's still not an option...
My story, I just started working out last April, and I mean literally started. I went from never stepping foot into it, to living there practically every day. I started off with using the girly padded weights:) I didn't let myself go below 8s though, so for pretty cheap you can usually pick up a set of 8/10/12/15 weights depending on what you want. But truly if you want to get in shape, a gym membership really is the key. Or depending on where you live, you can find an apartment close by that has a gym in it! They aren't the best but it's a start.

Feb 05, 2007 @ 09:08 pm


A good thing to do is to bring a friend to motivate you. It is good to go with someone who is close to your level.
Someone a lot stronger than you can spot for you, but you can't spot for them!
Feb 05, 2007 @ 10:05 pm


Oh I disagree! I go with my boyfriend and we are each other's spot. He benches 300-375 and I have no problem being his spot. You don't have to be strong enough to lift it up from the ground, just enough to help the person that little bit extra. Plus (since the stronger person we're referring to I'm assuming is a male) they know the proper technique to working out, and if so is the case, they will just dump the bar off of them (seen it happen with really big guys and even another guy spotting lol, quite shocking with 400lbs slamming to the floor!). But it can be quite fun going with a boyfriend and being their sexy little spotter haha.
Feb 06, 2007 @ 05:02 pm

Wowee Paris!

I was just reading through your workout above...have you ever considered personal training as a side gig? I did an arm workout last night with twice the weight I normally use and did I EVER feel the burn! You are right when you say you should push yourself! I think I need to find a good cardio workout as well, I am not sure that spinning is my thing though...
Feb 06, 2007 @ 09:57 pm

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