Products for Joint Pain?


I get really bad joint pain sometimes, especially in my hands and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for products that help with this. I  have bought some of the traditional products, but it made my hands smell like my grandfather! I know that the new wellness store Saje sells products for inflammation/joints but they are a bit expensive. I wanted to reach out to see if anyone had any good recommendations. 

May 26, 2016 @ 11:07 am

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If there are over the counter meds that aren't really accommodating you, maybe your doctor can prescribe you something for your joint pain. Isn't what you have is arthritis I think? I know there is a tylenol for arthritis. I hope I was some kind of help.
May 26, 2016 @ 11:48 am


Thanks! I am currently taking medication but am looking for something topical (should have mentioned that in my original post!).
May 26, 2016 @ 12:01 pm

joint pain

My Hubby has arthritis and he uses Voltarin ,my sister also uses it for her hands.Apparently the cream is for pain and they fins that it helps.When my Mom was alive,she had Arthritis real bad in her legs and the Doctor use to give her a needle with Cortizone in it.That helped her a lot.Hope something here helps you.
May 26, 2016 @ 08:08 pm

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