on Dec 18, 2007 @ 03:43 pm

right guys...i have the most beautiful baby and i posted something earlier asking about the c section went well,but now my worry is this scar.iv spoken to my dr and obviously it will stay,but for some reason i dont feel myself wenever i realize its other words,i dont feel as attractive anymore.did u guys feel the same?

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Ali de Bold
Congratulations!! on Dec 18, 2007 @ 05:43 pm

I can't comment on the c section scars as I haven't had kids yet, but Congratulations on your new baby!!

Welcome little one on Dec 18, 2007 @ 06:31 pm

Yes, congratulations on your new baby!! Well done!

ugh, scars on Dec 19, 2007 @ 11:58 am

I had one C-section almost 2 years ago. Yes, it's with you all your life :( Some of my friends' scars have faded to the point of a spaghetti-thin silver scar, but mine is still red/pink. I know what you mean, it's not attractive.

But here's some perspective. My friend had horrible stretch marks from her 2 pregnancies and couldn't afford surgery or laser process to remove them. Her husband didn't see it as unattractive at all, but rather something like "scars of love", the evidence of her bearing and birthing their two beloved kids. If anything, he was against them being removed because he appreciated the reminder of her sacrifice that challenging pregnancies can be.

You are new to this. Give it time, I promise you will care less and less as time goes by. Plus, I think society is starting to appreciate natural bodies more, and soon (hopefully!) such things really won't matter as much.

I do sympathize, though! Please don't think I'm making light of your disappointment.

scar products on Jan 04, 2008 @ 06:05 pm

Don't fret! Scars take a while to mature and you may end up with nothing more than a faint white line. I'm not sure about c-sections scars as the skin was probabaly quite stretched there, but generally speaking, it may take awhile. And each person scars differently so you can usually predict how you scar if you've had previous surgeries or cuts, etc. If you're the type that scar badly or you want your scar to fade faster, there are products out there that can help. Usually anything with silicone in it like the polysporin scar strips (neosporin in the states) or there's a product called dermatix which you may find on plastic surgery sites. There are lots of drugstore scar gels/products but I'm not sure if they have the same silicone content as that one. Hope this helps. Oh, and congrats on you baby!

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