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Ali de Bold

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Dec 13, 2006 @ 06:15 pm

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Pole Dancing Down Here?

As someone who has suffered 4 knee surgeries, pole dancing sounds like a fantastically fun alternative for me. I can't do most workouts due to their high-impact nature. I don't suppose you know of, or could recommend, pole dancing classes down here on the east coast USA?
Dec 14, 2006 @ 08:25 am
Flirty Girl

Chicago Studio

You're totally right, you can customize the pole workout to be low impact on your lower body while giving your upper body and abs a crazy workout. I don't know of anyhwere on the East Coast though that offers a pole workout. Flirty Girl is opening a studio in Chicago late February however and are looking to expand across the US shortly afterwards. Hopefully we'll be in your area soon.
Good luck in your search!
Dec 14, 2006 @ 05:04 pm

Great exercise

I attended a Flirty Girl clinic and have terrible knees and ankles from years of competitive soccer. It was really fun and didn't hurt my joints at all.

Dec 15, 2006 @ 03:59 pm

Belly Dancing

I have never tried Flirty Girl's Belly Dancing classes before, but I have done it else where. It is a good core workout and really tones your abs! It also will leave your arms very sore, with all the veil work. Those are most fun to work with. I did at my university. It is also good if you have had injuries in the past before that have stopped you from working out, this is a great way to start getting back in shape. It is quite low impact.
Dec 15, 2006 @ 10:23 pm

Pole Dancing

I started taking Flirty Girl Fitness classes last year and have been going and bringing friends ever since! It is a great workout and after a class I feel so good about myself!
Dec 16, 2006 @ 10:03 am
Ali de Bold

We tried the Free Class!

Last night I went with a group of girls to try the free class at Flirty Girl from the promotion on the deals page. It was so much fun! They had us doing really cool pole moves right away and we were all sweating by the end of itl Great fun workout and the staff and other members were all really nice!
Dec 19, 2006 @ 10:47 am

Can't wait to try!

I am trying Flirty Girl sometime this week! I am very excited! Any advice for first timers??
Dec 19, 2006 @ 08:27 pm

First Time at Flirty Girl Fitness

If you are interested in learning the pole stuff take thr Intro Teaser Class with Daina to learn the spins etc or if you want to learn a pole routine try Pole Dancing with Elena! Both were so much fun!!!
Dec 20, 2006 @ 02:59 pm

Give it a whirl!

I went with Ali a few days ago to try out Flirty Girl Fitness and it was really fun. I loved the dance aspect and the fact that nobody was taking themselves too seriously -everyone was there to get fit and have a good time doing it. I would definitely recommend checking out a class, I'm sure you'll go back for more!
Dec 21, 2006 @ 09:33 am

Perfect Christmas Gift!

A friend of mine kept saying she wanted to try it but never got around to going so I bought her a gift certificate for Flirty Girl Fitness for Christmas. She opened it yesterday and absolutely loved it! Looks like pole dancing in the new year! Happy Holidays everyone!
Dec 24, 2006 @ 07:43 am

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