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Warmer Weather & Allergy Season


Ugh, it's here already. My eyes have been watering for days like a faucet! Plus I think the cat is plotting to kill me and has been laying on my pillows. It's really bad for this early in the season. Any advice for non drowsy meds? Anything new on the market? Im so tired of paying an arm and a leg for allergy meds each year.
Anyone else suffering yet?
Mar 11, 2016 @ 05:00 am

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Wow, that's pretty early but also not surprising for this year given how warm it has been . I'm also an allergy sufferer but summer is usually when I get it really bad ... I usually get a prescription or go to local drug store for extra strength non drowsy Reactine. Spring time I usually survive with nothing though as it's usually mild allergies for me. Hope you find an effective way to cope without having to stay indoors with closed windows. As for your cat ... I used to be allergic to mine too but over the years I grew out of that somehow!
Mar 11, 2016 @ 06:37 am


Well, today I found a new product (at least one I've never seen before). Claritin non drowsy one a day melts. One little minty melt under your tongue is supposed to last 24 hours. I took one about 12 hours ago and it started working in about 20 mins. It was wonderful! Relief at last! Now here I am at 3:30 am unable to sleep cause my eyes won't stop itching, watering and burning. They are so red and puffy it looks like I've been crying for hours. On days like these I don't wear makeup, just my moisturizer or serum (but not near my eyes).
I guess maybe I need to speak with my Dr for something prescription strength. My eyes have been like this, along with a watery nose for weeks. I'm guessing it's snow mold?
I'm miserable *wahhhhhh*
Mar 16, 2016 @ 05:39 am

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