I just want to put something on the forum to let all the ladies know that SEXUAL ASSAULT IS ALIVE AND WELL IN TORONTO!

I was contracted to clean **** 17000 sq foot space from 6am-9am
on weekdays. This space includes a male and female locker area. I
always went straight into the male locker area to clean that first, as
I am uncomfortable doing this while males are present (and in various
states of undress). On 4/28/09, I was cleaning the counter top area in
the male locker room, which is perpendicular to the shower area. I
noticed a male to my left, taking off his clothes. I asked him if he
would like me to step out, and he said, 'no'. I moved into the shower
area, out of sight of this male and began wiping down the shower
stalls. I heard him say, 'we're getting intimate, aren't we'. THIS
MAN WAS BEHIND ME, FULLY NUDE. I said, 'let me just wipe this down and
get out of your way.' He replied, 'why don't you stay right here' and
grabbed me by both of my hips. I said, 'no' and struggled to get away
and he continued to pull me into the shower stall with him. He said,
'no one has to know...shhhh its allright.' I shoved him, and ran
upstairs to the weight room floor to get another male employee. That
male employee went down to the shower area to confront him and he said,
'oh tell her i was just flirting, it was all a joke.' The employee
confirmed his identity and I called the police. YES I DID PRESS

Although I take responsibility for not being adamant enough with
management about not cleaning the male locker room, please BEWARE.
This is a HUGE space with tons of nooks, crannies, and dark corners for
creeps like this to lurk in! There were 5 people in the facility at
the time, and only 3 were male....spread out over 17,000 sq feet!!!

Ladies, if you feel like you aren't safe or being taken advantage
of....SAY SOMETHING. I had spoken to management about my level of
comfort more than once and I was brushed off....more than once! PLEASE
PLEASE PLEASE be careful. This guy is out there.....and I have a
feeling that I wasn't the first he has done this too!

** Editor's note **
March 5/2010 - We have been informed that this business is now under new management and given that the criminal was placed under arrest and his actions have nothing to do with the business in itself, the business name has been blocked.
Apr 29, 2009 @ 09:00 am

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Good girl!

This is a very important wake up call, thanks for sharing! I can't imagine how horrifying the experience must have been for you, not knowing what the outcome would be.

I too have been timid in cases of inappropriate sexual "harassment". I use quotes here because it was always borderline where I couldn't say for sure it was harassment in the full criminal sense. I can certainly understand your less than forceful attempts to get out of cleaning the men's john, esp since you didn't want to risk losing your job! Don't beat yourself up about that; I think many of us would have reacted the same way.

Good for you that you took this all the way to the cops! That is the only way to put predators like this on their radar and hopefully prevent another woman from getting hurt. I think I speak for us all when I say we're proud of you!!
Apr 29, 2009 @ 10:05 am


Thank you .....I am very shocked and upset that this occurred.....but I
refuse to 'play victim'. I just wanted to put the information out
there for all the ladies on this site :)

Apr 29, 2009 @ 10:43 am
Ali de Bold


I can't believe the management didn't call the police. That is horrible! I'm sure it's not his first time violating a stranger. You should call the police and provide a full description. Perps like that don't do these sorts of things only once. He probably has a record.

Good for you for standing up for yourself. Your employer is responsible for your safety. That man should not have been allowed to just walk out. Thank goodness you are safe!
Apr 29, 2009 @ 01:57 pm

thank goodness you're safe!!!

That is so just so scary!! I second that, girl thank goodness you're safe!!! This isn't something I ever think of happening to someone I know.... good for you that you stood up for yourself! And thank you for sharing and bringing awareness.

Apr 29, 2009 @ 11:13 pm

This is so wrong. . .

I sometimes hear about these things but I guess it never really clicked with me until now. This is just crazy! I can't believe a guy would actually do that to you especially in such a public place. I guess I just assume that everyone are good, decent people and would never do that.
No one should have to deal with idiots like these, guys or girls. And to think it could've been even worse.
I'm also glad you're safe and that you're pressing charges. And yes, you can look and see how you could've protected yourself better before stating that you didn't want to clean there but still those things shouldn't happen. It's not right.
Apr 30, 2009 @ 11:09 pm

Add on

This is a suggestion for misschickie and her next video she might make. I notice that a lot of focus seem to be on more social aspects focused on women - fashion, clothing, make-up, dating, pick-up lines, fitness, etc. Maybe the next few you make could fall under a different category and could include something like safety of women.
Apr 30, 2009 @ 11:13 pm


Just letting you know that this guy was arrested!

Also, I want to make it clear (I thought I did already but I will say it again) that this incident is what i wanted to put out there on this forum. It was brought to my attention that this could've happened anywhere...and that is TRUE.

The owner of the gym did call me and had mentioned that he had tried to call me before. He did ask if I was okay and that he was going to take steps to make sure that this didn't happen again.....I have to give him credit and props for calling and talking to me.
May 01, 2009 @ 04:23 pm


I am glad you did the right thing and stood up for yourself. You should not have been in that situation. But in no way did you bring it upon yourself. I am glad you were able to press charges. It is hard, stressful and never leaves you but in the end you did what you needed to do to protect other girls.

Thank you for thinking of everyone!
Aug 06, 2009 @ 05:07 pm
Ali de Bold

Thanks for the update

Tigerlilly - first of all great suggestion, thank you! I agree that would be a valuable episode for ChickChat TV. Meredith, glad to know that creep was arrested!!
Aug 06, 2009 @ 05:41 pm

You're a brave girl

It takes a lot of guts to get yourself out of that situation, run for help and then call the police. And sharing your story to try and help others makes this even more couragious.

Women have been victimized for generations it's about time we stand up for ourselves.

I'm so sorry this happened to you but as others have already said it's not your fault. You will need time to get over this but be kind to yourself and know you did everything you could. Just make sure you deal with it, talking to a professional and/or asking for help with the emotional fall out doen't make you any less strong.

Aug 07, 2009 @ 02:54 pm

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