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how much water do you drink a day.. i drink about 1.5 liters a day but i know some people that never drink water...
Jan 21, 2016 @ 01:43 pm

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I try to drink 3-4 bottles daily
Jan 21, 2016 @ 01:53 pm


not enough I drink
need to improve :)
Jan 21, 2016 @ 02:03 pm


I make a huge effort to drink more water but I don't drink as much as I should!
Jan 21, 2016 @ 02:29 pm


I don't drink nearly enough water
Jan 21, 2016 @ 04:04 pm


I try to drink about 2.5 liters per day
Jan 21, 2016 @ 04:23 pm


I buy bottles and I drink about 4 to 8 bottles a day. Maybe more. I only drink water.
Jan 21, 2016 @ 04:28 pm


Not much now I work from home, I'll have to start keeping it on my desk again.
Jan 21, 2016 @ 05:25 pm


I usually don't enjoy water - especially flavored or carbonated and would only drink diet coke with tons of ice. Now I cut out most pop and drink mostly water. I already notice a difference in my skin (way less dry). I drink probably three liters a day. I keep several 1 litre bottles half filled in the freezer then fill with water so it stays really cold. It's like I crave ice all of a sudden. Unfortunately this means I'm up all night going to the bathroom. I want to cut off the drinks early in the evening but I'm soooooooooooooo thirsty and I wake up several times each night to drink.
Jan 27, 2016 @ 04:45 am


i personally think water is best. I try to drink as much as I can. But on cold days I don't drink as much.
Jan 27, 2016 @ 05:45 am


I do not drink nearly as much waster as i should.. I am more of a coffee person. Ever since i got my keurig that seems to be all i drink.. Really need to change this and start drinking more water..
Jan 27, 2016 @ 07:02 am

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