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my whole life i have been thin. 5 foot 8 inch 110 to 125 lbs ... now i can not gain weight  no matter how hard i try .. any ideas .im sitting at 115 and want to be 125 .its so hard to gain weight  and keep it on.i dont drive so i walk a lot but other than that i dont  exercise or anything . and i eat a lot of food  i am always hungry....help....
Nov 30, 2015 @ 11:51 pm

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For your hunger I would say you need to eat more fiber and the n drink lots of water so the fiber can react to the water and make you feel full . You could always try like metamusil ( I think that's what it's called), nuts and dowry it's that are also high in fiber . To gain weight I would say maybe try a diet with more protein and carbs . If you still can't gain maybe see a nutritionist she could give you a meal plan that has more calories then what you can burn in a day
Dec 01, 2015 @ 04:44 am


Have you gone to a doctor, it might be a medical reason why you can't gain weight.
Dec 01, 2015 @ 11:41 am


Definitely go to a doctor. You could have an overactive thyroid or some other physical reason. If not, the doc can refer you to a nutritionist who can help you set up a plan! I know how hard it can be to maintain or get to the weight you want, so sending you good thoughts!
Dec 01, 2015 @ 01:37 pm


The same thing with me blubie. I've always been thin. I'm 5"3 and weigh 94 lbs. No matter how much I eat I can't gain weight. I had a stomach flu years ago, lost quite a bit of weight and never gained it back. I don't have a thyroid issue. I've seen the doctor and nothing. I mostly eat healthy and drink lots of water. The worst for me is when every family member even the distant ones and those who aren't related to me but are related to my relatives make hurtful comments, right to my face, and I can't say anything back because it's rude.
I know some who go to the gym and drink those protein shakes, or other supplements for weight and muscles. If you go to the gym try those shakes, but look at the ingredients first.
Dec 01, 2015 @ 02:49 pm

Sandhur and Blubie

You can get just protein powder which doesn't have a lot of crap in it. Look for Whey protein powder. Vegan and Vegetarian options contain no meat sources. I like the one from Costco best in chocolate (I just mix with skim milk) and it's the best price.

Even though I'm fat I have to take it because of an eating disorder which means I get little nutrition.
Dec 01, 2015 @ 02:56 pm


I have the opposite problem. Now at 40 I gain weight fast and it's hard to get rid of it
Dec 09, 2015 @ 04:42 pm

Weight Gain

Maybe it is your thyroid,it depends if it is overactive or underactive .Either way there is one that affects your weight gain,maybe you should ask your Doctor about it.I think that as we get older ,it becomes harder for us to loose weight,I know that is the way with me.Some women are trying to loose weight,like me and some women are trying to gain.
Dec 09, 2015 @ 09:20 pm

Weight gain

I would try Dr first to rule out everything then maybe hit the weights to add some muscle mass. You may have to increase your protein. Adding a few extra snack a day may help too
Dec 10, 2015 @ 02:26 pm


I would go see a doctor too just to make sure everything is okay. You could start consuming more fattening food such as Greek yogurt , brown pasta, etc. However there are just some women who are naturally thin and can eat anything and never gain a pound. Maybe that's you! Either way I am sure you are beautiful :)
Dec 19, 2015 @ 09:54 am

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