What are you doing to stay fit this summer?


So it seems everyone has their own thing going on when it comes to being active, especially in the summer. So I'm throwing the question out to you: what do YOU do? Maybe it'll spark someone else to try new things (at least I would!). 

This summer, I've been taking the cyclefit (spinning) class at my gym. Its intense, but its really fun once you get used to it. I've also noticed that I take my bike out everywhere (i.e. doing errands, shopping, etc). Its faster than walking and sometimes even more efficient than catching a bus! 

I'm hoping to try a few more things..Love to hear what you guys do to stay fit in the summer!
Jul 05, 2009 @ 12:24 am

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~Oooooo good topic!

I decided that I need to get out and try some other things myself
....currently, I am attempting a 5-6 day strength training/HIIT cardio
program. In addition to that....I started ATS (American Tribal Style)
bellydance classes at the Darkside studio, which are AWESOME. I am
also working with Aradia fitness and doing some poledancing.

On occasion, I will drop in at Kim Allan's class (see my reviews) for a
bootcamp and/or dance routine. I am also starting with a new personal
trainer (please pray for me-lol) in about 2 weeks.

I try to walk as much as possible because I agree with you-often times
its faster. I have found driving in my area (yonge and bloor) to be a
nightmare due to construction.

The other thing I really like to do (but doesn't necessarily keep me
fit) is walk to the 2 farmer's markets in my area. I tend to eat a lot
better in the summer because of them:)
Jul 05, 2009 @ 05:50 am

Fit in the summer...

Since I live in the outdoor recreational capital of the country, I have been doing outdoor stuff... rock climbing, mountain climbing, hiking, boating etc! On top of that there is pole and pilates! :o)
Jul 06, 2009 @ 02:14 am

Keeping active...

I started rock climbing in the spring and am loving it! I have a couple of friends who are coaching me and we've been to the Niagra Glen to climb out doors! It's a great workout and I can see improvement already!

I joined a local volleyball league about a year ago and was playing indoor court volleyball until the season ended a couple of weeks ago. Now I play beach volleyball once a week untill it's too cold and then I'll join indoor again! It's so much fun!

I live on the edge of a conservation area and go running or walking on the trails any chance I get!

I try to eat well and drink a lot of water. I've found the eating and hydrating to be harder than actually keeping active!!!
Jul 06, 2009 @ 02:04 pm

mostly walking

I don't have a lot of time to exercise. So I take my baby out for
walks as often as I can. It's a great way for both of us to get some
fresh air and we both love to go out. I also have an exercise bike at
home and I'll try to get on it for 30-60 min a day.

At the same time, I try to eat healthier and minimize the junk food. :)
Jul 06, 2009 @ 04:13 pm


Walking is definitely the most effective way to losing weight and being healthy..not to mention, its free! I really like doing bikram yoga (i get easily bored doing regular hatha yoga)

mizzrobin, I would love to do more outdoorsy stuff like you. Hiking is on top of my list. I climbed the Grouse Mountain last summer - it was awesome!
Jul 08, 2009 @ 10:45 pm


My primary fitness activities include: rock climbing, kick boxing, and pole dancing. The pole classes are new for me but I'm really loving it. I liken it to gymnastics and my apparatus is a vertical pole. When I'm not doing any of those 3 activities, I run 75% of sprint intervals along a 1.5 mile (2.4km) loop.
Jul 09, 2009 @ 03:07 pm

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