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What is Your Acne Telling You?


I came across an interesting article, discussing the possible reason for breaking out with acne in certain areas of your face. It goes to show what the problem is and some tips on trying to prevent future breakouts. It may not work for everyone, but it might be worth a try to change things up a bit for clearer skin.

Zones 1/2: Bladder/Digestive system. If you breakout frequently in this area, it might mean that you need to improve your elimination by drinking more water and eating more "whole" foods.

Zone 3: 
Liver. Congestion in this zone can indicate over consumption of alcohol, rich foods, and possibly a food allergy (such as lactose intolerance).

Zones 4/5:
Kidneys. Dark circles , while often hereditary, are made worse by dehydration and poor elimination.

Zone 6: 
A reddened nose can indicate heightened blood pressure, or the early stages of rosacea. Congestion around the upper lip can occur if you use comedogenic lipsticks or liners.

Zones 7/8: 
Kidneys. If you notice that your ears are very hot, you might be stressing them out – drink plenty of plain water and cut down on caffeine and alcohol.

Zones 9/10:
Respiratory distress. Smokers or people suffering from allergies generally experience fine, broken capillaries or congestion in this area.

Zone 11/13: 
Breakouts or unusual hair growth can indicate hormonal imbalance, possibly caused by extreme stress. Premenstrual breakouts are also very common on the chin.

Zones 12: 
If you've had extensive dental surgery done, you might notice a breakout along the jaw line, near the ears.

Zone 14: 
Don't forget to include your neck in your treatment regimen - its skin is just as fragile as that on your face, so it definitely needs the benefits of moistuisation and sun protection.

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Sep 25, 2012 @ 11:45 am

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This is interesting! I had read an article yrs ago that suggested the same thing! Thanks for sharing!
Sep 27, 2012 @ 09:08 am

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