Which One?


I don't wish to offend with this question, but if you had to decide between blindness or deafness which would you decide upon? I would choose to be deaf for a number of reasons.
Apr 01, 2016 @ 09:50 am

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Deafness it would be hard not seeing
Apr 01, 2016 @ 09:51 am


I couldn't choose, I know people who suffer from both and it breaks my heart
Apr 01, 2016 @ 09:53 am

Which one.

I think I would choose Deafness because,last year I could hardly see with the Macular Degeneration I have.I had to have Lazer surgery and then I had to have Lens transplants in both eyes .It was either that or go Blind like my Dad did.He lost his complete vision at the age of 52yrs old and I have the same thing.No picnic believe me.I have to take medication all the time for it.The pills are like footballs so big,I hate taking them but,what can a person do.
Apr 01, 2016 @ 09:57 am


But if I had to, I'd rather be deaf(even though it would kill me to not be able to listen to music or hear my loved ones voices), I feel like if I lost my vision, I could not care for my family very easily. It would be heartbreaking to lose either though.
Apr 01, 2016 @ 10:10 am

Neither to be honest...

If I really had to I would choose deafness as well.. I would have a hard time not being able to hear my sons first word, or music etc... But not seeing him would be 1000x worse for me.
Apr 01, 2016 @ 11:20 am

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