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Wisdom Teeth


My bottom wisdom teeth have been half out for a few years now and every few months I would have problems with them (sensitivity,pain). I finally overcame (sort of) my dentist phobia and I am having them removed in 2 weeks.
I'm kind of stressed about it, actually really stressed. I also have the choice of getting the top ones removed, they're still hidden away and I've never had any problems with them. I'm thinking about just leaving them. I'm looking for a few opinions.
 So has anyone had their wisdom teeth taken out?
Should I leave the top ones in?
Also any tips about the before and after would be greatly appreciated. I really hate teeth, nothing grosses me out more that them. I made the mistake of wtaching a wisdom tooth removal online and almost passed out :(
Jan 27, 2012 @ 09:58 pm

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I had mine out...

I have had my bottom wisdon teeth out. I had the option of getting the top ones out too, but they were not bugging me so I didn't. I haven't had any problems at all. That's not to say you shouldn't get them out. Everyone is different. What does your dentist suggest?

As for the procedure itself, I am assuming they will be putting you under? If that's an option I suggest it! I hate dentists! I actually get the nitrous gas whenever I can just to be a little less aware of what is going on when the dentist is in my mouth! I was asleep for my wisdom teeth removal. I remember waking up as they walked me down the hall to the waiting room!

I was sent home with these syringe type things that I used to rinse out the holes that were left where the teeth were. You have to keep bit of food out of them. I know, it sounds gross... and it is. lol

I think they will give you some pain killers for a few days after the procedure, but I don't remember too much discomfort. You will be fine! Don't stress!

Jan 27, 2012 @ 10:52 pm

Wisdom Teeth

I had all my wisdom teeth taken out at once I was advised to before getting my braces.I had anesthesia however so I cant tell you what getting them pulled was like!I think all dentists have different methods if you are nervous let him be aware of that they may have contious sedation which many dentists have now for nervous patients.Also there are dentists like mine who preferred to do in a hospital with anesthesia, you will have plenty of freezing though if they don't do that option .You will probably eventually have to get the top ones removed eventually so you should get it done.If you do decide to get all of them out at once just be aware you will be really swollen!I looked like a chipmunk for weeks and drank lots of cold smoothies!Good luck..Just remember to be honest about how your feeling with your dentist :)
Jan 27, 2012 @ 10:57 pm

Thanks for answering

I will most definitely be asleep while he does it! He said that getting the top ones pulled probably wouldn't be too difficult as they didn't look like they were too high in there, he said he would check them when I was asleep, if they would be too difficult to take out or easy like he first thought. I trust the surgeon, I'm sure if he saw a problem he wouldn't do it.
Part of me thinks get them out and over with just in case, and my mouth is a little crowded as it is. But another part of me thinks leave them alone if I have never had a problem with them before. I still have 2 weeks to decide.

What kind of food did you eat afterwards or what do you recommend?
Jan 27, 2012 @ 11:25 pm

Get a good Dentist

I was in your situation where I noticed that my top ones were growing and there didn't seem to be enough room in my mouth to contain them. During a regular check up the Dentist confirmed that I needed to remove 3 of the 4 teeth. I was so nervous up until the day of my appointment and I spent my time just looking up information online.
I guess based on the way mine had grown, I was not put to sleep, just given the numbing stuff and he used this contraption and just pulled them out. I didn't feel a thing and each tooth took a few minutes to pull out. After a few hours the numbing agent wore off and my jaw did feel sore but I was given some prescription meds to help with the soreness and the pain didn't last that long. I think the worst part about getting them pulled is not being able to eat properly for about a week.
But I am glad I got them taken out because I feel so comfortable and I'm glad I went with my Dentist because he did an amazing job and apparently it's because he's been doing it for years.
Jan 27, 2012 @ 11:58 pm

I had 3 of 4 out

and wasn't put to sleep either. The other tooth was no where to be
found, but he told me that happens sometime because we don't need those
teeth. He even said that some people only get one, or even none. They
just froze my jaw and pulled the three that I did have out. I didn't feel any
pain, but I could feel the tooth coming out. It was over in five
minutes. I was very nervous about having it done too, but in the end it
ended up being nothing for me. I've also bin with the same guy for years
and he's always bin very gentle no mater what he's doing. He's very
good about reading people and knowing how to comfort them in situation
like this. If you lived in Windsor I'd tell you to go to him to have it
done. He gave me pain killers for after the freezing was gone, but I
only needed one. It also depends on your pain tolerance level. I have a
high pain tolerance, so you may need more then one pain killer. You'll
do fine as long as you do what your dentist tells you to do afterwords.
Good luck to you.
Jan 28, 2012 @ 10:34 am

I had them all

I had all my wisdom teeth surgically removed as they were hooked on my other teeth, I was put out.

As far as pain, it didn't bother me too much, my face swelled like a chipmunk for a few days, then turn black as if I had been punched in the face. They give you a antibiotic and pain killers which help with majority of the pain (if you feel any) I also advise using cool packs afterwards.

As far as food, I drank liquids (boost, breakfast to go, etc) for a week or so, I then moved on to softer solids. After about 3 weeks I was eating full on solids again.

You must also clean the sockets so you don't get what they call a "dry socket" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alveolar_osteitis). Also advise you rinse your mouth with luke warm salt water a few times a day, and be careful when brushing.

Other than that, its a fast procedure, and the doctors take it easy on you for the most part :)
Don't be nervous, it is over and done with in no time and the after effects aren't too bad. (mind you everyone is different, this is just my experience)

Good Luck :)
Jan 28, 2012 @ 11:57 am


As missnicolemarie mentioned eat soft foods............I felt drinking cold smoothies was comforting..Blend up yogurt,milk/or soy milk,honey and fruit....I also ate lots of soup,puree soup nothing chunky, Popsicles,juice etc...

You will also get some pain killers for afterwards,I didn't have lots of pain just more annoying feeling.You will also come back with gauze in the holes where the teeth were.I gargled with salt water a few times a day to keep the area clean.
Jan 28, 2012 @ 12:39 pm

Not that bad!

It sounds like you have a very good surgeon so I definitely wouldn't worry about the top wisdom teeth! He'll use his judgement.

I had mine out when I was 18 and I was put under - thank goodness! I'm in nursing and I do fine with anything but oral health... that's a whole other ball game to me! lol It grosses me out too.

But trust me, wisdom tooth removal is not that bad. Your surgeon will give you all the information you need know - such as what he'll prescribe you for pain, antibiotics, rinses he prefers, etc. It'll also say what foods to eat, when the stitches should dissolve or be removed, and what to do if there is more bleeding, etc.

My best friend actually just had hers out a couple weeks ago, all 4. And she was VERY nervous! She heard over and over from me and lots of other people that it's not bad at all and nothing to be nervous about. She didn't believe us until after lol She had a Facebook status that was like, "Ok, you people were right. It's not that bad."

She actually stuck a wet cloth in the freezer and shaped it to her face when it was partially frozen - I thought that was such a good idea! Something to remember. Ice packs will be your best friend!

I'm not saying it's fun but it's not that bad at all. It's over before you know it. Good luck!
Feb 06, 2012 @ 07:16 pm

Research the doctor!

Nooo!!!! You waited til they were half out? Sorry to say, but this will probably make it worse. The good news is, it won't hurt during. You should (or you should find) a dentist who will put you under. I was put under for my surgery and I gotta say I am soooo glad I was.

Second- once they are out, prepare to spend 3-6 days in solitary confinement You will be swollen and look like a chipmunk. Here is where the drugs come in. It's going to be swollen and sore, it won't hurt a ton but there will be discomfort, especially since yours are half out. Ask the doctor what type of painkillers they will be prescribing. I have friends who received tylenol 3s but I had a doctor who took mercy on me and gave me something a lot stronger.

Definitely talk with your doctor, see what they will be giving you etc. a consultation is key. You'll have trouble sleeping etc. so be prepared. And you'll also be drinking your meals for the next few days- stock up on boost and other meal replacement type shakes.

Good luck!!!
Feb 06, 2012 @ 10:05 pm


Thanks for all the advice, I feel a bit better about it.
Feb 07, 2012 @ 12:21 am

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