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Yeast infections


How can you tell if you are really having a yeast infection, or if something else is going on? I've only had one back in my teens and I'm going to be 50 this summer, so I don't know much about this. This burning feeling started about two weeks before Xmas and no matter what I've tried it won't go away. But that's the only symptom I've had with this, no itchy, or anything else that I thought should be with it. So I'm beginning to wonder if its something else altogether. I tried a in home three day treatment, than a 7 day treatment and nothing helped, so I went to my Dr. She never even looked at me, she was just going to give me a prescription, but I was red flagged because it would interact with the other meds I'm on. So she told me to just eat plain yogurt and use the cream that you can buy, but that was two weeks ago and I still have the burning. At this point I'm not sure if this has something to do with my age, or even if it is a yeast infection, but if anyone has gone through this and had something work for them, please let me know what that was!! I'm so sick of this and I just want it to stop!
Feb 03, 2016 @ 11:04 am

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If you tried two treatments already and nothing helped I would say it is something else. When I get urinary tract infections it can be a burning sensation.
Feb 03, 2016 @ 11:28 am


I'm surprised your doctor didn't do an exam ,that way proper testing could be done to tell you if it is an infection, I feel bad for you ,I hope you feel better soon
Feb 03, 2016 @ 11:39 am


Id go back and ask for a swab test. Or a pee test. Maybe a bladder or urethra issue?
Feb 03, 2016 @ 12:03 pm


I was thinking Bladder infecting if it's burning when you pee. If you have a walk in clinic close to you or if you can get back into your doctor and request a urine screen for Bladder infection, Urinary Tract Infection, have them check for kidney stones/crystals (you may need an ultrasound for that)
Make sure you stay hydrated...and try drinking pure cranberry juice. It helps flush out your system. (My family is a lumpy bumpy family prone to bladder infections...we are used to going through this...I'm sorry your doctor didn't do more for you the first time though)
Feb 03, 2016 @ 01:19 pm

Go back to your dr

I would go back and see the Dr and do the pee and swab test too and drink lots of cranberry juice. If you don't like the taste add a little gingerale
Feb 03, 2016 @ 02:35 pm

Thanks Ladies

It doesn't burn when I pee like a bladder infection does, it's just a steady burning sensation from front to back, so I'm pretty sure that's not what this is. Some days I'll wake up and the burning feeling won't be there, making me I think its gone, but with into a few hours it will start right back up again. It's not near as bad as it was when it first started before Xmas, but its driving me crazy! I remembered my x-sister in-law told me she used plain yogurt right on the problem area and I thought she was nuts, but its making me so crazy that I've even resorted to trying that. It help's but it doesn't last long. I was also shocked when my Dr. didn't do an exam, I thought that would have been the first thing she did. I guess I'll have to go back an insist she do one. I also have a question for any one that might be able to answer me. I was wondering if taking those probiotic supplements you can buy would help, or if they'd just be a waste of money? The reason why I ask is because my Dr. told me to eat the plain yogurt because it has probiotic's in it. So I was thinking maybe I should try that on top of everything else. If anyone know something about those supplements and if they might help me please fill me in?
Thanks again for all of your help ladies, I'll try anything at this point to make this go away, so if you have more suggestions please keep them coming!!
Feb 04, 2016 @ 09:13 am

yeast infection

I had to laugh when you said the doctor told you to eat yogurt. Sorry, but that is not what you tell a patient. Yogurt is not eaten internally for a yeast infection' it is applied topically.You mentioned the doctor never even examined you....That is weird. You should have been examined to determine what the problem is.I strongly recommend you seek medical attention from another doctor that WILL examine you, determine what the problem is and treat it accordingly. Good luck; hope this helped a little.
Feb 05, 2016 @ 07:40 am


I would definitely go back to the doctor and get some swabs done to be sure you are getting treated for the correct thing! Yogurt CAN be taken orally to help yeast infections as it will help balance out the bacteria in your whole body but dipping a tampon in plain yogurt and inserting it up there will help get the yogurt to the target area quicker. I use a probiotic supplement which I find really does help introduce a variety of good bacteria back into your system. If you think it's yeast, or until you can get into see the doctor again, steer clear of sugar as much as possible, take a probiotic supplement and eat as many probiotic foods as possible (i.e. sauerkraut, kefir).
Feb 08, 2016 @ 09:25 am


I'm in my 50's and have had numerous bladder infections it's a part of menopause. That sounds like something else. I would go back to the dr and be tested its gone on too long and you shouldn't have to suffer like that.?i feel for you...
Feb 08, 2016 @ 11:53 am


The only thing I can add to the conversation is if you've added something to your lineup before xmas. Maybe a new body lotion, spray, liner, or even material of underwear... may be a skin reaction to something?
Feb 08, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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