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We've picked out babies name out but turns out the in laws don't like the name at all. They were actually pretty rude about it and made fun of it none stop during a visit with them.
The thing is....this name has been picked out for 7 years. And now 7 years later, we love the name just the same.
What would you do? Advice pls
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:10 am

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It's your child, your decision. I would kindly ask them to respect what you've chosen and to think of how the child would feel if they heard them making fun of their name. Choosing your child's name is such an important moment and to have it mocked is disappointing. Don't let it get to you though. It's a sensitive issue because some in laws may have the expectation that you'll carry on the family tradition of passing down names, but in the end, you get to decide. Unless they are trying to intervene for the child's sake, for instance if the parents chose a name like "Dirt" or "Milkshake", then it could be understandable. Other than that, go with your hearts.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:18 am


I agree. They are going to be the ones having to remember being rude and crude about their grandchild a name. What kind of grandparents do that.
I Absolutely agree though, unless it was a very "out there" kind of name they shouldn't be like that.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:23 am


I say you and your husband go with what you have decided for the child. My parents went with the name which my grandmother picked for me. My family members, aunt and uncles called me by the name which my parents wanted for me. So all my life I only knew that name and hates the name which was on my birth certificate. I don't even recognize it when people call me that. My mom said she only did that because my grandmother won't accept any other name (she was strict)

So please, don't confuse the child and go with what you think is a nice name and stick to it. I believe is you have the name in mind for 7 years, you should go for it. :) In the end, it's your child, you want to be happy with it.

Just out of curiosity, is the name you have chosen a really out there name? I'm just wondering why the grandparents are making fun of it? It's not really nice to to that to anyone, unless of course, like what prettyrainbow mentioned if it's an out there name like Milkshake or Dirt.?
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:43 am


First of all, if you're expecting, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
To answer your question, imo, in-laws or not, they have no right to be rude about your choice of baby names! As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!"
As long as you and your parter love it then no one else's opinion matters. And making fun of it non stop over your visit? Wow, that's just taking it too far. Choosing a baby name is intimate and bonding for you and your partner (and sometimes argument inducing lol). But you obviously agree and found a name you both love and have loved for 7 years!! This name is for a life you created together. That's so magical!
I agree, there are some weird names out there these days. And to be fair, there are some pretty whacked out old fashioned names that are in every generation, including your in-laws. Some old fashioned names are now in style again.
These are the same people who are going to be the grandparents of this little angel and they're making fun of him / her before he / she is even born! That's sad and mean. :(
I hope they come around. Name that baby the name you and your partner chose and don't let anyone sway your decision.
Just as a side note, in my relationships I have always been the one to deal with issues with my family and my parter is the one to discuss any issues with his family. That way, it's a bit easier instead of possibly a relationship breakdown or hard feelings making your relationship awkward. You'll never be able to avoid them after baby arrives LOL.
Seriously though, once the baby is here, the name issue will likely disappear when they have an adorable baby to snuggle!
Good luck :)
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:53 am


LOL @ Dirt or Milkshake. Yeah, that's kind of out there lol.
Then again, some celebs name their babies some pretty... unique....names. We had a thread about this not long ago and talked about some pretty weird names, remember?
Jun 09, 2016 @ 01:00 am


I agree with the other chicks that it is rude to be mocking a baby's name. I suspect this is something that they will regret once that little miracle is in their arms. You both have moved on from needing Mom and Dads approval, and if they hoped to influence your decision, laughing about your choices is not the best way of going about it. I hope you stick to the name you've loved for a very long time, and am quite sure this will be a non issue once they see their precious grand baby...even if his / her name is Godzilla...or Dirt or Milkshake
Jun 09, 2016 @ 08:24 am


Name your child what you want to. They had their chance to name their children. Its your turn now. They should be supportive, not rude.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 10:40 am


NOOOO Do not let anyone tell you what to call your own child. Name him/her anything you two decide.Don't pay any attention to that nonsense, that is not their child.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 10:40 am


When we named our daughter, my father-in-law made a snarky comment about the weird names we had picked. Needless to say I kept her name and ignored his comments. My child, my right to name with it!
Jun 09, 2016 @ 11:49 am


Stick to what you want for your children your the mommy, I wouldn't be bothered by other people's opinion.
Jun 09, 2016 @ 12:49 pm

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