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Do you think I'm pregnant?????


My periods are always irregular. My number of days in cycle are different every time...this is what I mean: 
Feb 7 : 28 days 
Mar 9 : 30 days 
Mar 30 : 21 days  (omg...2 periods in one month!)
Apr 26 : 27 days 
May 25 : 29 days 
Jun 21 : 27 days 

Well...it's now July 22. My period has not arrived. 

I am worried because since June 22nd, I have become sexually active with my boyfriend. We've done everything...except intercourse. I've read stories where people got pregnant even without intercourse...this is what worries me. I never knew of this. In our activities, pre-ejaculatory fluid is involved, but never ejaculatory fluid. However, pre-ejac fluid does contain sperm...so this is what I'm also worried about. Since June 22nd, I've been intimate with my boyfriend 6 times. Our genitals never touched skin to skin. However, I've read stories where if the males hand had contact with fluid containing sperm and used the same hand on the girl "down there", there is a chance of pregnancy. However, I don't remember if this happened with me and my boyfriend but I'm also uncertain. 

I am aware that there are many factors that can cause my period to arrive late such as stress. Yes, I've been stressing over my period and other factors. But I think my stresses are only mild. I also want to point out that since my last period, my sleeping schedule has changed dramatically. I usually slept from 12 am to 6 am everyday (school days). When summer break approached I started staying up late....sleeping from about 4 am or 7am in the morning to 2-3pm in the evening. Can my change in sleeping pattern affect my menstrual cycle?

I am 16, which means (I think) I'm still developing. 

What do you think are my chances of being pregnant based off everything you've read?
Jul 22, 2013 @ 11:26 pm

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see your gp

you are right, pre-ejaculatory fluids do contain sperm, so if you are really concerned i would advise seeing your gp. if your periods are always irregular, you may have nothing to worry about, but better safe than sorry.

also, before you and your boyfriend start doing anything else sex-related, i would ask your gp about going on a contraceptive pill. aside from decreasing your chances of getting pregnant, they can help to even out your cycle, manage any pms symptoms, and reduce other problems such as acne.
Jul 23, 2013 @ 01:17 am

irregular mestruation...

i have same issue with you regarding irregular menstruation,. i once had my period for 2 week! seriously... and after that.... i have 1 week no menstruation and then 3 days menstruation again. what i did is i visited a doctor.
remember the 28 day cycle? u start counting on the first day of period right? when you hit the 12th-16th day... that is your unsafe date. my doctor said that, that day is when you are most fertile = have greater chance of getting pregnant. try to remember when did you guys have done "that thing down there". well, if you guys does not really have intercourse, you are probably 50% safe. but if he touch his and touch yours, like you know what i mean... there's the other 50% which is not good.

if you guys became intimate at safe dates... maybe 75% sure.
keep in mind you still have 25% to worry.
if still unsure, take PLAN B. (ask personel over the desk from your local drug store.) It’s not an abortion pill. It won’t work and shouldn’t be taken if you’re already pregnant. plan B is the first emergency contraceptive approved for sale in Canada. (if you are not in canada, maybe try checking online too). check http://www.planb.ca/index.html for more info.

also, you can do a pregnancy test at home.
either if its positive or not, you must see your doctor for more info.
i've been there in that situation too with my "then bf-now husband" guy.
i know you're young and was shy to ask for doctors, no worries. it's their job. they wont judge you and you have the right to know what's happening to your body. :)

if you found out that you are safe now... maybe next time you wanna do it with your guy,
maybe plan ahead of time. plan before sex. sex then plan is no good. :) i hope this will help. :)
Jul 23, 2013 @ 06:19 am


I don't think you are pregnant since it seems to me like there hasn't been any penetration or intercourse. You're still young and periods can be super irregular when you are younger. Of course, many women always have irregular periods throughout their lives. Adding this to the fact that you are out of whack on your sleeping schedule and you are stressed means that your period could be very late. Also, it isn't too late just yet. Wait a bit longer and then if you still haven't gotten it, take an at home pregnancy test or see your gp. Of course, all this being said, I'm not a doctor and the only person who can tell you for sure, is a doctor.

I need to add in here that if you think you will be sexually active you have to prepare meaning talk to your doctor about contraception and use condoms. What @xhiao1994 mentioned about plan b is good to keep in mind but she's right it shouldn't be sex then plan, it should be plan then sex and plan b isn't plan a for a reason.
Jul 23, 2013 @ 11:08 am

don't stress

I would tend to believe you are not pregnant. If you were my daughter I would ask you to plese nnot be intimate with your boyfriend because that is probably causing you stress. I know easier said than done but you are stressing each time that you may become pregnant so the guilt is causing you stress. Talk with your boyfriend and if he loves you, he will understand, wait until marriage, you will never regret it.
Jul 24, 2013 @ 11:25 am

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