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i'm pregnant!!! Have a few questions


I just found out im 4 weeks pregnant woo!!! i want to stay in shape during and after and had a few questions. First pregnancy will my body look just as good as it did before as long as i stay healthy and exercise? or am i doomed? my sisters body looks horrible and im pretty sure its because she ate junk and never worked out. i want to be healthy and in shape for me and my baby. i would like to bounce back to my old shape after giving birth. is that possible? thanks ladies
May 03, 2009 @ 01:28 pm

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My response is based on my experience only, as everyone is different and you can't give a single answer to this question.

In short, yes. It is possible. It will require some effort and you should take care of yourself during pregnancy (without skimping on yours and baby's nutritional needs!!).

1. Eat as much as you (want) need to, but stick with healthy snacks. Tons of veggies, whole grains, skim milk/dairy, lean meats, and your prenatal vitamins are really important. I thought I could load up on fruit but didn't realize how high in natural sugars (read here: carbs) they are. I gained the most weight during my first pregnancy, and although it came off, it was harder than the next two rounds. Do not avoid fruit, but eat it in moderation. I found it works well to think of your fruit as a dessert or garnish for your morning oatmeal, rather than chowing down a daily fruit salad. Then, make those fruits count - high in fibre and vitamins; berries are ideal!

2. Get exercise. You should not start a brand new exercise regime when you're pregnant - that is too stressful and often against doctor recommendation. Instead, gently increase the exercise you already do and stop if you feel you've pushed it. A good long walk every day or a few laps in the pool are good, low impact cardio workouts that will keep your fat down, energy up, and have little chance of cramping afterward.

2b. Exercise after baby. Listen to your body here. If you end up having a Caesarian, you should not do any exercising until you are healed. V-births can pretty much get moving as soon as they feel up to it. I wouldn't focus too much on sweating the calories away because you'll need them all for nursing, which leads me to...

3. Breastfeeding. Seriously, it makes a huge difference! You will burn far more calories and keep your bounteous breasts, at least as long as you nurse (all bets are off when you wean, though). I delayed introducing solids with Babies #2 and #3 to 6 months old (this is the newest Dr recommendation for baby's best interests too) to keep the great calorie burn going. You may find it hard to keep up with demand (and that is a whole other topic for discussion!), but lots of water, as much rest as you can manage, and eating as much as you want - healthily of course - because you need the calories, should be enough to keep milk production up. I found I crammed my face all day long and still lost weight!

4. If you don't/can't nurse, you'll need to hit the gym or be disciplined about taking the weight off. You don't need pointers here; it would be the same as any weight loss program.

Finally, be realistic. I lost all of my preggie weight (and during the heaviest nursing was actually below prepregnancy weight) every time BUT my body changed. My hip size and rib cage is a little bigger, and my tummy refuses to get ripped. I'm not disciplined enough to really whip myself into Dara Torres-worthy shape, so I've more or less accepted my soft, barely rounded tummy. If you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, another complication will be stretched skin (whether you get stretch marks or not). This loose material can't be sweated away; in some cases it may need to be surgically removed.

There is no prevention for stretch marks; your body's natural collagen levels determine whether or not you are prone to them. Ask your mom if she has them and you'll know if you're at risk. You can definitely minimize the severity to the point where they are so tiny they're virtually invisible - by gaining responsibly and moisturizing every day, esp when you get big.

To sum up my lengthy explanation here, you can have your general shape back. It will probably not be exactly the same, but that's not to say it won't be beautiful. I had a boyish figure before and now my slightly wider hips make my waist seem smaller - curvy vs. stick! Shoehorn yourself into a flattering pair of jeans and you will not mind one bit!

Congratulations, by the way! This is wonderful news!
May 03, 2009 @ 05:50 pm

another Question..

I have size 36d breasts. I am quite happy with them. I am afraid of ruining them due to the pregnancy. I'm sure they will change somewhat but were you happy with the appearance of your breasts after baby #1? Anything I can do to keep them looking as close to the way they were pre baby? Thank you so much!! your're answers helped me out alot!!
May 03, 2009 @ 06:38 pm

That's tougher

Mine definitely changed. Without getting into too much detail, both the overall appearance, size, and perkiness was different. Certainly I'd say they were nicer before.

I have heard from many that not nursing preserves your ladies better, but the overwhelming opinion is that pregnancy does have its effects. Some end up with larger breasts, some shrink, and some end up with more or less the same. It's so hard to predict! With each pregnancy that you have, they will change a little more.

I think that if you have more to work with, the loss is not as upsetting. My aunt had A-cups and ended up with AA-cups. My sister-in-law had D's and now has C's. She figured it was a small price to pay, since C's were still very acceptable for her. Then there are those poor women who go from B's to F's.

My opinion on breast surgery has definitely changed. I used to be feminist about it, thinking women should never alter what God/nature gave them. Now I understand more about how such changes can be upsetting - or thrilling, depending on the outcome.

I don't know of any tricks you could employ to affect your breasts. Weight gain/loss and nursing are the only factors that I think you can control; everything else is just biology.

Sorry I can't offer more help than that!
May 03, 2009 @ 11:40 pm


I just wanted to drop by and say Congratulations!! :) and wish you and your baby all the best!

And I've learnt so much from reading mamaluv's advise... i don't even have a man, but hey if the time ever comes i'm glad i know all of this from now :)

May 04, 2009 @ 02:22 am

thank you so much!!!

thank you so much for all of the advice and info it really helped me out alot. Thanks you also for taking the time to congratulate me I really appreciate it!!! I look forward to being a mommy and being healthy for myself and my baby. Thank you mamaluv especially I always hope that when I ask for help that you are the one who answers because you always give great advice.
May 04, 2009 @ 05:26 pm


You're welcome, sweetie! New moms need straight talk, not the edited versions we often get from older women, our doctors, or the books.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have. Just post 'em up and I'll keep an eye out for them!
May 04, 2009 @ 07:36 pm


I think this is the most informative read I have had on the chickchat forum thus far! Whenever I decide to have children, I will referring back to this thread!
May 05, 2009 @ 01:09 pm


Congrats on the baby Anonymous! Mamaluv, you gave great advice and tips on having a healthy pregnancy, kudos to you.
My daughter ate healthy foods and snacks, with an occasional sweet treat, when she was pregnant and she exercised regularly up to the day she gave birth. She couldn't take prenatal vitamins because they made her severely sick but she ate foods rich in folic acid, such as Total cereal, spinach, leafy greens and sweet potatoes.
Since she had taken care of her body before getting pregnant and during the pregnancy, she was able to drop the baby weight after a few months, so it is possible.
The important thing is to take care of yourself AND that growing baby inside you.
Congrats and enjoy all the precious memories and milestones that are headed your way.
May 05, 2009 @ 03:19 pm

Thanks to everyone again!!

I take pride in my body I work very hard on it so I was a little worried about the way I would look after the baby. My number one priority is my baby's health I have already started on prenatal vitamins. Everyone has put my mind at ease. Thank you so much again! ALL of the answers have been unbelievably helpful. I will def keep this post going and mamaluv please keep an eye out for my many new mommy to be questions and there might just be many of them :-)
May 05, 2009 @ 08:33 pm

congrats thanks

Congrats on the pregnancy, Anon! And thanks mamaluv!
May 06, 2009 @ 07:50 am

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