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maternity leave


Has anyone else had issues with receiving their maternity leave money on a regular schedule.  I get some money one week then again the next week then not for two weeks and the amount is always different. 
Jun 18, 2014 @ 02:09 pm

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Mat Leave

Not sure where you live (i.e., Canada or the US), but normally once it's set up with the Government, it should come to you regularly. Did you set up automatic deposits with them or do you get cheques? If it's in the form of a cheque, it could be something as simple as the post office mishandling them. I also had the option of having an automatic return - can't remember what it was called, it was several years ago... but basically you tell them that you're on mat leave, you're not working etc. and everything after that is automatic. If you've worked while you're on leave, they deduct that from the amount they pay you as well. The best thing if you notice irregularities is to call your local office and let them know that something wonky is going on. I hope this helped. Good luck :)
Jun 18, 2014 @ 09:50 pm

Should be standard

In Ontario, it took forever to receive maternity leave like 8 weeks but it has always been a standard amount. Maternity leave should be a consistent amount each month paid to you biweekly. If it took a long time for your maternity leave to be processed then they will give you the money your are entitled to in the first cheque and then your standard amount in the following cheques. Depending on how holidays fall your payment may be off by a day or so but it should be consistent. Go down to your local Service Canada and find out what is happening. If your not getting paid consistently by direct deposit then something is seriously wrong and you have the right to get it fixed. Its easier to do that in person and sometimes they have to put in an action that takes about a week for them to figure it out. I would say its a must to go see them because you will get more done in person than if you try to deal with Service Canada over the phone.

Jun 20, 2014 @ 05:30 pm

Mat leave pay

Agree with the above comment, takes a while to set up, but once it's done it should come regularly. It may be that you have to file reports regularly, though in the vast majority of cases that is not required. I would call the EI office directly for assistance.
Sep 05, 2014 @ 12:20 pm

where are you from?

Never had any problem... I would suggest you to call your local office too to have more informations.
Sep 05, 2014 @ 01:00 pm
Radar Lover

I agree with the Ladies...

Personally, all of my maternity payments were completely on time. It took me about 6 weeks to get my payments started.
I have not even heard of people not getting regular payments. I would inquire soon. Good luck
Sep 05, 2014 @ 08:50 pm

the government

That is our government for you. Terrible pieces of crap that they are. ughhhh. Are you working at all? that could change it but I had my regularly but it took 3 months to get it
Sep 05, 2014 @ 09:15 pm

Sounds like you need to call EI

Your Maternity leave payments should be on a regular schedule of every other week. Sometimes the payment may be off by a day but they should arrive on a predictable schedule. If this is not happening you need to contact EI right away and find out what is going on. Often it is just easier to walk into your local EI office and ask someone in person they can put in an inquiry on your behalf.
Sep 06, 2014 @ 09:36 am

talk to someone in EI

Definitely better to go talk to someone in EI. Payments, no matter the circumstance, should always be regular and on time. You might get deductions in payments if you claimed income, but otherwise, they should be the same and arrive at the same time. I'm still currently waiting for my EI sickness benefits to come in. And I'll be switching to mat leave once I give birth in December (*knock on wood*).
Oct 22, 2014 @ 06:44 pm

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