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My Beautiful Mother


My Beautiful Mother won't be around this Mothers Day come Sunday.She will be celebrating that Day with all the other Mothers who have gone on to be with the rest of their Families,who have gone on also.I miss my Mom and I love my Mom with all my Heart.She was so kind, and gentle, and gave like no-one else I ever knew.May she rest in Peace and know that someday,I will give her the Flowers that she so easily deserves.Sunday she will be missed.Is there any other Chicks out there that feels the same about their Mom as I do?
Love Forever,
May 06, 2015 @ 06:26 pm

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Oh Angelwingsx2, I need to get my tissues out, that was so beautiful, it brought me to tears!! I wish my Mom was like yours. She's always tried to pit each of her 6 children against each other. She is for which ever kid can do the most for her at that time. This is something I never talk about, except to 1 of my other sister's. I'm the oldest of 6. She married twice and her 2nd late husband didn't like me or my sister. She had 4 children by him. He could go months without talking to both of us and when he did, it was always bad. I will never forget my high school graduation day. What should of been a happy time, turned out to be one of the worst ever!! I had myself all ready with my cap n gown on and she comes in and tells me that her husband said that since I'm 18 now, after I graduate tonight, I have to get out. I couldn't live there anymore. I was never allowed to learn to drive nor get a real job. I was hysterical and crying, begging her not to do this. She said your uncle is coming to the graduation and you're going back with him to your grandparents and stay. She wouldn't do anything and after graduation, she wouldn't let me talk to my friends or do anything. She had my things packed and put me in the car. There was a long time I didn't talk to her and she wouldn't me. She never knew I miscarried or had a stillborn til recently. She's 69 yrs old now and her grandchildren are all they are. She does anything for them and my other 4 siblings living near her. I live an hour away. I've forgiven her for all the terrible things, but can never forget. She let unspeakable things happen to me and my sister. No mother should be like that. My Dad is another one. He lives about 10 minutes from me, but never wants to see me. He was always an absent Dad after they divorced. I didn't see him for 20 years. He doesn't want anything to do with me. I don't cuss, drink or smoke and he thinks I'm bad for not doing that. He lives in a filthy house with pets. To me, my late Grandparents and 1 uncle were more my parents. I miss them every day. They knew how I felt and it was a wonderful bond with them. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom, but I have to from a distance at times. I promised myself that I would never be that kind of Mother. The point I'm making is that you are so lucky to have had a loving, caring Mom. There is some like myself, who doesn't. I'm so sorry for your loss, but you do have wonderful memories that will always be with you. You were very fortunate to have a Mom like that. I envy you. Take care and please remember all the good times with your Mother and put photos of her out in your home, where you can look at her every day. Take care and thank you for a glimpse into what a wonderful childhood should of been like!! Ginger.
May 06, 2015 @ 07:45 pm


I forgot to add, would you please post a photo of your dear Mother on your gallery for me to see? That would be a nice suggestion for anyone to do that wants to honor their Mother, post a photo on your gallery for us all to see. Thanks, Ginger.
May 06, 2015 @ 07:51 pm


That's amazing that you had such a wonderful mom angel, much like rogersresaca my own experience with my mother wasn't the greatest. But I believe the universe looks after us in ways we cannot explain and I have the most wonderful mother in law in the world. She is the kindest woman I have ever known and i truly thank the stars for her everyday.
May 06, 2015 @ 10:35 pm

my beautiful mother

What a beautiful testimony of love for your mom
Sep 27, 2015 @ 06:22 pm

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