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Not going #2 in the potty..


My 2 year old (will be 3 in August) is potty trained 100% when it comes to pee, not so much when it comes to poop. He would rather do it in his underwear or on the floor (so gross :( ..), although he has done it once or twice in his potty. I've asked him why, but he just tells me that he doesn't like it. We give him rewards and praise if he puts it in the potty, I try to use school and staying with grandma and grandpa as incentives. Any other suggestions? Maybe he's just not ready for that and it will come in time? I have 3 other children and I've never had this issue, so it's new to me! 
Jul 06, 2019 @ 08:53 am

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Hard time

my children were easy no problems, but my granddaughter I have with me fulltime I had a hard time at first as well she wouldn't poop poop in potty ,i tried treats and books and utube videos .She is 4 now and totally trained ,wakes up to pee and poop no accidents yet .But did take awhile for her to poop in potty same thing in underwear or in floor.I had to figure out the time and she usually goes around and had her sit there day after day and she finally did it .Maybe he is to young all children don't train the same ,so keep trying and best of luck. MAYBE TRY one of them talking potties or pretend like I did a few times I was pooping to as she Sat on her potty I sat on big toilet lol we also had small toilet seat to fit larger toilet as well as her potty so maybe try that
Aug 02, 2019 @ 03:14 am

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