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Ali de Bold

Hey Chicks! I just did an interview with the Globe and Mail about my post baby workout routine.

Wondering if there is any interest from new moms on an article with exercises perfect for new moms?  I've been working with a couple of trainers and really starting to see results. Let me know and I can put something together.
Nov 15, 2011 @ 01:04 pm

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Ali, you're totally inspirational. I'm not a mom, but I would absolutely love if you take us on your journey to gaining your pre-baby-body back.

I find with myself, the more carbs and yummy, ahem, i mean junky food I eat, the hungrier I get and more I crave them. It would benefit me, and others too I'm sure, if you walk us through and teach us how you mange to curb and redirect your hunger pangs to healthier choices. 'Cuz I dunno about you, but when I'm hungry, I'm not hungry for celery sticks, I'm bloody starving for chineese fried noodles with shrimp...mmm...

Also, if you share your exercise regime with us, it'd motivate new moms, old moms, and those of us sans-baby yet with baby-sized bodies to kick our butt into gear. If you're a new mom, and you can find the time and willpower to eat healthy and exercise, then who the hell am I to say I don't have time to exercise daily or I can't fight the craving gnawing for the fried crap?

So really hoping you do share your journey with us for purely selfish reasons :-)
Nov 16, 2011 @ 09:17 am

good idea!

First off that picture is so adorable! I think that is a great idea. Two of my close friends have babies one is 2 years old and the other is a little over a week old. My friend with the older child is always looking for a good work out so I think that a routine would be awsome (id even do it with her). My friend with the younger child would love it as well!! :D
Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:44 am



I have a 23 month old and wasnt able to workout until he was 8 months old due to a 3rd degree tear and some other complications. NOW I am trying so hard to get rid of this baby chub and its really discouraging when you cant find a workout that works!

Would love to hear all about this!!
Nov 16, 2011 @ 03:04 pm


I wish I was one of those women who could walk out of the hospital and fit right back into my skinny jeans! Unfortunatly I am not. I have been wrking my butt off everyday on the treadmill for the past 4 months and am finally getting some very slow moving results. I gained a lot of weight with my son and am still fighting to get the last 10-15 lbs off so I can fit back into my old wardrobe. Sometimes it can be tricky to keep my son entertained so I can do my workout but I try just bringing a bunch of toys and a few good snacks with me and he will usually let me get it done without to many intureptions.
Jun 12, 2012 @ 04:41 pm

great idea

My stay-at-home mom friend is wanting a way to get rid of the baby weight, but she doesn't know where to start at a gym and is really bad at getting motivated to go. My city has boot camps during the summer to help get people jump started into a workout routine, I think its a great starting point.
Jun 13, 2012 @ 01:18 pm

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