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Push Present


On the new RIGHT NOW, they're talking about push presents. A husband gets his wife a present when she's close to giving birth. And these are expensive presents generally - diamond rings, bracelets, etc.

I think it's nice to give the wife a present but at the same time I feel like it's a waste of money to get something so expensive. A coworker I knew at a previous job just got engaged and said she wanted a $1600 Louis Vuitton baby bag. I personally think that a present would be nice but for most of us middle-class folks who aren't super rich, I think that $1600 is probably better spent on the baby and the wife could get an equally thoughtful but less expensive present.

What are your thoughts?
Jul 18, 2011 @ 06:47 pm

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Of course its ridiculous

IF you cant afford it. But that's up to the couple to be responsible with their money. If they can afford it - why not? It usually sucks being pregnant (for me it was twice) and the first few months were hell. So if hubby wanted to show how much he appreciates the work and wear and tear on my body - yes!
I actually did have a white gold/gemstone famiy ring made soon after my son was born. I wasnt having any more babies, and what girl doesnt like nice jewelry?
Jul 18, 2011 @ 08:19 pm

nice thought but not necessary for me.

Call me backward, old-fashioned, or worse, but I did not think I needed a present for giving birth. Yes there's wear and tear, yes pregnancy is a trying time, and heck to the yes labor is a biyotch. No arguing there! I just feel like having the baby, having the experience of becoming a mother is more than gift enough. Yes. A Gift!

We have never been in a financial position to spend big bucks on any occasion be it a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. We would much rather spend the money on a great family vacation or pay off our vehicles than for me to collect jewelry.

I think any woman who expects a push present is being a little bit of a diva to be honest. If the hubby wants to do something special for his wife that's great. But it should not be required nor should the woman get huffy for not getting one.
Jul 18, 2011 @ 09:49 pm
The Fashion P.A.

I heard about this recently

I heard about this recently through a girlfriend who was visiting a friend and his wife in Shanghai. I think it's both un-necessary and awesome! LOL (I love jewelry)... ,
I don't think it should be a rule but just something a partner wants to do for their loved one if they want too..
Jul 19, 2011 @ 02:50 pm
Ali de Bold

I know alllll about this

I've heard so many people talking about it. My first reaction is that's silly. There are so many expenses that come with having your first baby as I've written about before that to add to that the expectation that baby daddy run out and buy you jewelry or an expensive bag seems unreasonable.

However, a thoughtful gift doesn't have to be expensive. He can do something nice for you that doesn't have to cost a lot. He could make you a nice dinner, take you on some nice pre-baby dates or do something to make your life easier at home for the first few months after baby arrives such as looking into night nurses or arranging for help with cleaning the house.

Being pregnant is hard. Sure there are some nice things about it too, but there are many challenges that you only find out about when it's your turn. If your husband/partner wants to do something nice for you then you should let him. However, he should not be expected to. I told my husband he doesn't need to get me anything. The new house we bought is my push present because we now have more space for baby to grow up.
Jul 19, 2011 @ 03:30 pm

Oh Yeah

Agreed. Totally doesn't need to be expensive. I just want a little something that says he appreciates me :)
Jul 19, 2011 @ 05:27 pm


My attitude towards money is way too practical (as my friends can attest) so I think that spending money on luxury items right before a baby is unnecessary. There are many expenses that come with a baby that I feel money is better spent on.
I'm not sure how I feel about how the wife deserves a present because she is pregnant and labour is difficult. I don't feel like the husband should need to give his wife pretty things because she is pregnant. I think the husband goes through a different set of challenges when a baby is on the way.
To each their own though, if he wants to and has the means to facilitate a push present.
Jul 19, 2011 @ 06:56 pm
Zoey White

i never had one. :(

seriously, I never received a gift for myself when I gave birth.. Just gifts for the baby instead..
Aug 01, 2011 @ 05:13 am

Momento of special time

This could be a really cute idea. But whatever happened to charms for a charm bracelet! Like these.
Aug 01, 2011 @ 03:55 pm

interesting point

I think mercurysmile made a really interesting point: that the Dad goes through his own set of adjustments and challenges too. It's something we tend to overlook just like with a wedding. Somehow weddings and new babies are all about the woman and that's not fair.

Sure, pregnancy is different. But dads carry a burden too - often they now have to carry the financial burden alone (instead of the dual income they used to enjoy), help with night feedings even though they have to leave for work early, etc. My hubby went from happy-go-lucky to very serious when our kids came on the scene. You could see the shift in his thinking and priorities - all good things but it took a toll. Thankfully, it's a toll he was willing to pay.
Aug 02, 2011 @ 10:08 am


I wouldn't expect a fancy gift at all! Especially a $1500 diaper bag. That just doesn't seem practical. I'm the kind of person that is all about the little things like quality time, getting help around the house, etc. So I would feel much more loved and appreciated by my husband if he helped me during pregnancy and when the baby comes. Even just with a foot massage every once in awhile! I could see my husband bringing me flowers in the hospital or something which would also speak volumes to me. But I wouldn't expect this from him. To expect a gift... I just don't think that's right.

Plus it's also a good point to note that dad goes through major changes and adjustments as well. I'm sure lots of men feel so helpless watching their wife go through pregnancy and labour and they have to just stand back and watch.
Aug 02, 2011 @ 11:13 am

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