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To all the moms out there.


My baby is a little over a year old and still breastfeeding. I want to wean her but even though she eats a lot and drinks from a sippy cup when im at work she still prefers the breast when I'm around. Im thinking it's a comfort thing more than an insatiable thirst. Does anyone have any weaning tips? Has anyone had any difficulties weaning. My plan was to stop breastfeeding at a year old but it didn't go as planned. She cries bloody murder till I give her the boob. Is the only way to cut her off cold turkey or should I let her wean herself? Anyone have any experiences to share. Looking forward to hearing from all the moms out there.
Sep 15, 2018 @ 09:21 pm

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Ali de Bold

She's not ready yet?

I had planned to wean my babies at 1 year as well but both of them needed a bit longer. I'm not sure if this is the same for all moms but in my case, they just weren't ready yet. I ended up breastfeeding for about 1.5 years for both of them and at that point they seemed totally fine with being done.

If you are ok continuing for a bit, you may find she'll naturally let you know when she is ready. I had a few friends nurse well into age 2 so there is no magical time to stop. It's really whatever is best for both of you. Good luck!
Sep 17, 2018 @ 10:07 am


I have nursed 2 kids until 2 Years Old and 1 until 4, so my tips might not work for younger babies.

I would not recommend going cold turkey for both of your sakes. It would be hard on her and you could increase your risk of getting clogged ducts or mastitis. Start with dropping one feed at a time.

My first strategy is the don't offer; don't refuse. Just like it says, don't offer it to her, but don't refuse if she asks for it (verbally or nonverbally).

My second strategy is distraction. Keep her busy doing something else during the time she would normally ask for it, or when she asks distract her with something else to put it off until later or until she forgets what she was looking for.

If she is still nursing throughout the night, try offering water if she wakes after the bedtime feed. 2 of my 3 boys stopped waking up after a couple of days because it wasn't worth it. With my 3rd we had to do something a little different. I picked a time that was boob free ( for me it was from 11pm-6am). Between bedtime and 11pm, he could nurse when he wanted. Afterward if he woke I could rock him, cuddle, sing, give water or comfort him in any way except the boob. The first few days he cried a lot, but it gradually got less and after a week or so he didn't bother waking up.

The last step is picking a day to stop (I recommend at least a month ahead of time) and talk about that being the last day. Make it a positive thing. With my 3rd we had a little party (just immediate family and a little Dollar Store gift). I had him mark off the days on the calendar to count down to the day. He responded really well to that and didn't cry for it afterwards and only asked for it a few times (although he still tells me he misses it a year and a half later).

If you can, check out Kellymom. It's a great breastfeeding / child care resource. The link below is to one of their weaning articles. (Please delete if that's not allowed!)

Sep 17, 2018 @ 09:26 pm


Thank you both for the good advise. She just turned 16 months and she still does not want to give it up so I will continue on until shes ready to. Some of my family members find it disturbing that im still breastfeeding her at this age but I dont see anything wrong with it. I will try to continue on till shes easier to wean.
Oct 23, 2018 @ 03:31 am

Breastfeeding mom

I planned on not breastfeeding my son after he was one , but didn’t I let self wean. He nursed until he was a little over 2 but what also helped him wean is I started giving him a bottle instead of the boob. I’m currently breastfeeding my my daughter and she’s almost 15 months and plan on letting her self wean sorry that I’m not much help.
Oct 28, 2018 @ 02:46 pm

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