Top Baby Names of 2011


I found this on parenting magazine
Apparently the top Baby names of 2011 is Aiden for boys, and Sookie for girls.
We're guessing Sookie came from the character True Blood. However, I'm convinced it's a variation of Snooki of Jersey Shore :P 

I'm quite pleased to find out that these names have surpassed last year's Isabella and Jacob! Twilight's die-hards must be feeling quite the fury!

What do you think of this year's top baby names? 
Aug 08, 2011 @ 01:21 pm

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I love Aiden

I love the name Aiden, it's the name of my dog :)
Aug 08, 2011 @ 01:22 pm

d'awww :)

Aiden makes me think of the Aiden from Sex and the City

yummy yumyumyum.
Aug 08, 2011 @ 02:42 pm

Yay for Aiden, Nay for Sookie

I really like Aiden but like jskim07 said it reminds me of Sex and the City.

I'm not a fan of Sookie. It rhymes with too many words and kids can be relentless when it comes to that type of teasing.
Aug 09, 2011 @ 11:25 am

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