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Trouble potty training


My daughter is two and has started wanted to use the potty since she was about 18 months old. She was doing great for about two weeks, then one day she quit wanting to use the potty. So I did keep asking her if she needed to go. She would say "no" or "she didn't want to" so I didn't make her. Then she wanted to go again and I rewarded her with a treat and this worked for a few weeks and then she stopped wanting to go again. Now she sometimes goes and sometimes she won't. If anyone has any advice I am willing to try. I am a first time mom and just stumped.
Oct 08, 2013 @ 12:59 am

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welcome to the 2s :)

I have 3 kids, so I've been there!

First of all, it's great that she is showing signs of readiness. There are a lot of moms who start potty training according to mom's readiness, not the child's, and this is generally a complete waste of time. I can say this because I did it with child #1.

Secondly, it's very normal that she keeps changing her mind. This is that time of life when kids make strange decisions just to test their boundaries. They are highly illogical in their choices and are often doing things just to see how you will react.

Honestly, I'd just keep doing what you're doing. Ask her if she wants to go, and if she says no then move on. If you make potty training A Big Deal then she may decide to not cooperate "just because". I've been there too, with child #2.

The very best advice I can give you is to wait for warm weather and then allow your child to run around with a naked bum all day long (especially in your backyard). Generally speaking, they don't want to pee on their leg and will only do it once or twice before they get the memo and will do it in the potty next time. As long as they are wearing a pull-up or padded underwear, it's just too convenient to keep peeing in their pants.

Obviously we're getting into the winter months now, so the naked approach may not be timely. Try taking her to as many social outings as possible - "stay & play" programs, preschool, etc, whatever is available to you. Seeing other kids use the potty is another really effective tool - that's how I got child #3 to use the potty.

It gets easier the more kids you have, mainly because little sister is watching what big sister is doing and wants to be a copycat. If your daughter has an older cousin near her age, see if you can have them use the bathroom together so that the gentle peer pressure gives your daughter some good ideas.

Good luck! This is not an easy stage of life, but I promise it's a short one and will be over before you know it.
Oct 08, 2013 @ 09:40 am

Thank you

Thank you for the advice I will give it a try, we have stay & play at our local mall that might be a place to start. Hopefully she will be potty trained sooner than later. Thank you again
Oct 11, 2013 @ 02:45 am
Radar Lover

for their lead

Every child is different. I have four and each has their own story. My 3 girls gave me the most headaches! My son was completely trained before 3!

All I can say is to be patient and follow their lead. And as frustrated you may be, one day it just clicks. It may seem like a horrible adventure but you will get there, I promise!

My best suggestion, relax and always keep flushable wipes on hand. It's hard for little ones to completely clean their bottoms and those wipes help. You can even buy individual wrapped ones and keep them in your bag. I still do this for my girls.

Aug 16, 2014 @ 09:41 am

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