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Trying for #2!


Anyone have any tips on actually trying to get pregnant, the last time was a wonderful surprise, but this time its been 3 months and nothing yet. Getting antsy to be preggo again!
Jan 06, 2017 @ 03:44 pm

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Ali de Bold

It takes time

Don't worry. It can take weeks, months or longer. I got pregnant 9 months after my miscarriage. Baby # 2 took a few months. The best thing is to really know your cycle. The window when you can actually get pregnant is pretty short. If you want to know exactly when that is, get an ovulation kit like this one.

Good luck!
Jan 06, 2017 @ 03:50 pm


3 months is really nothing :)
I think the average time for women under 30 is 6-12 months and then it increases as we get older. I was super lucky myself that things happened fast each time (sadly my very first pregnancy ended up in a missed miscarriage which then caused me a lot of anxiety when I was expecting my rainbow baby and even now when I am pregnant with #2!).
With that being said, after my miscarriage I did use OPK (ovulation predictor kit) to figure out if I have a normal cycle or not as I've read it could take a while to get a normal ovulation again - even without going through a loss it can happen that a woman has an non-ovulatory cycle (which means having a period but no egg was released).
And I know some girls who used these when they were trying for more than 6 months and it seemed to help as well - it just helps with timing the action (not super romantic....but hubby doesn't need to know! lol)
Amazon has them a LOT cheaper than any drugstore - yes they are less fancy but they work nicely - these are the ones I had - https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B005FI9O1I/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I also kept on taking folic acid in preparation for the pregnancy, and I drank red raspberry leaf tea (it helps to tone uterus but beware, it's not recommended once you get pregnant until the last trimester, I would always stop close to the point when implantation might happen and then start again as soon as period starts).

Best of luck, sending you lots of baby dust :)
Jan 06, 2017 @ 05:01 pm


I have been trying for 5 years now to have a child. Had a miscarriage last december very heart breaking. I went to the dr,s and there is nothing wrong with me or my spouse, I'll just keep on trying and hope for the best
Jan 06, 2017 @ 07:40 pm


So sorry for your loss. Miscarriages are SOOOO incredibly hard.
Hopefully 2017 will be the year for your rainbow baby!!!!
Sending you lots of baby dust!!!
Jan 07, 2017 @ 02:16 pm


TaraLeadbeater - I'm so sorry for your losses. I am in the same boat as you - unexplained infertility. We have had every test under the sun and there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of us. I've had 6 losses (two in the second trimester) and still my arms are empty. I hope 2017 is a baby-filled year for all of us Chicks!!

And Maegstarr - the first 6 months or so of trying are the fun part! Just relax and enjoy. Take your folic acid, but otherwise don't worry too much. Trust me, you have absolutely nothing to worry about yet! Best wishes and baby dust!

Jan 07, 2017 @ 02:46 pm


I'm so sorry to hear about all the ladies that have had a miscarriage. I don't have any kids... yet... but I can only imagine how difficult it is to go through that pain. I wish everyone luck with trying to have a baby this year. The advice I give to my friends that were trying to get pregnant and did get pregnant was this... just have sex for the fun of it. Don't think about trying to make a baby because the stress and pressure isn't good. Relax and have sex like the first time you had sex. I find without the pressure and stress your body reacts differently. Good luck to everyone.
Jan 07, 2017 @ 06:38 pm


@Maegstarr based on experience of one of my friends, if you are under 30 I would give it a few more months and if nothing happens look into going to a fertility clinic. For one of my friends who just started going they did a few simple tests to check that everything is alright. and now she goes in 5 or so times a month and for blood work and an ultra sound to track ovulation. From what I understand it is covered in Ontario by OHIP, not sure about other provinces, so it is cheaper than ovulation kits.

I actually have a few friends who are going to clinics and we have kind of a little support group between us. We are all going for different reasons for various amounts of time. If you end up going to a clinic and have questions feel free to reach out to me.
Jan 08, 2017 @ 03:37 pm

Don't stress

I'm so sorry to hear of everyone's loses. I know how you feel! My partner and I went to a fertility to clinic for a cycle of diagnostic testing, just to make sure we were both healthy and fertile.

We were doing all the tracking of my cycles and temperature charting and ovulation tests etc, but we were still not pregnant. Everyone had all sorts of advice, but most people said "Relax... it will happen when it happens"

I'll be honest. I got to the point that hearing that or similar advice made me so angry! I was doing EVERYTHING in my power to get pregnant for months and I wasn't about to spot doing any of them and "let things happen!" Well, the one month we were travelling and couldn't take advantage of my most fertile days of the month (according to all my testing and tracking) is the month we got pregnant!! It also happened to be the month we did the fertility testing! lol

As annoying as it might sound, not stressing and relaxing really does help! I hope our story helps. Good luck to everyone!
Jan 08, 2017 @ 04:39 pm

On Jan 08,2017 @ 6:37 pm

Good Luck Ladies hope everything works out great for all of you
Jan 08, 2017 @ 06:37 pm


Sending you positive baby making vibes @Maegstarr !! How old is #1? :)
I am so incredibly sorry for your losses ladies. I too have been there and it is truly heartbreaking. I was considered high risk after my miscarriage and had a lot of issues while pregnant with my second child (he's 11 yrs now) but I carried him almost full term (he was two weeks early) and despite what the doctors warned was (and is) a very healthy boy. I send each of you so much love!
Feb 16, 2017 @ 07:34 pm

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