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When did you immunize your baby?

Ali de Bold

Our pediatrician has recommended doing the 2 month baby shots soon and I've been doing a bit of research to see what is involved.  A friend of mine is waiting until her child is 1 year old.  I'm wondering from the Moms out there when you did the immunizations?
Oct 03, 2011 @ 11:03 am

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just followed instructions

I followed the recommendations of my pediatrician. There are many different opinions out there and I tried to research them. Whatever I discovered I discussed with my child's doctor, but her recommendation was unchanged.

Ultimately I decided that if she, with all of her training and experience, is convinced that a certain course of treatment is okay, and if my baby seems to continue to thrive under her care, then I was satisfied to trust her judgment.

There are consequences to any course of treatment - even when it's no treatment at all. A friend of mine completely avoided pediatricians for the first few years of her son's life because of her objections to vaccines, choosing instead to see a naturopath for all their family's medical needs. Her son nearly died as a result of a blood-related illness that was misdiagnosed (and worsened due to the treatment received) before they finally sought other advice. Their naturopath had never even taken a blood sample to test, relying instead on taking temperature and examining the colour of his urine, etc. Thankfully, the little guy is okay now.

They still use naturopaths/homeopaths, but now in conjunction with "standard" medical advice. It's always important to tell each doctor about the care your child is receiving from either side so that there is less chance of negative interactions.

It can be tricky sometimes to find a naturopath who won't put their nose in the air because you're pairing them with a regular doctor - and vice versa - but there are many forward-thinking docs and practitioners out there who WILL work together because in the end, it's all about the child's best health.

I want to also acknowledge that there are many excellent "alternative medicine" practitioners out there. I'm sure my friend's case was an extreme example.
Oct 03, 2011 @ 11:25 am

agree with mamaluv

I totally agree with mamaluv: just follow instructions. I read a bit about immunization and there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. Like they actually immunize your kid with the disease or in a way that they're more prone to get sick later on, hence increasing the need for healthcare, pharmacies earning more money, etc. But all these theories give me a headache. I figure, there are 7 billion people on earth, and most of the ones (i think) that live in the "1st world" countries immunize their kids the same way and most kids are healthy. So I'll chose to trust my doctor and shoot up my kids, when I have 'em that is (also my brother's studying medicine so he says to immunize, and I trust him). :-)

A friend of mine does not AT ALL believe in alopathy. She is a naturopath and at best may try homeopathy medicine. All of her kids were home delivered. By her husband. Who google'd the 'how to'. No doctors. No joke. She never took the newborns to the hospital to get them checked, no vaccinations, no checkups, nothing. She only feeds them organic food. Her kids are intelligent adorable children. But they tire very easily, complain of muscle pains, can't run around as much as other kids can. They also get sick very easily, and almost always has a horrible 'old man' cough. They're super skinny kids so when you see them coughing away, or complaining of leg pain when they walk two blocks, it's really heartbreaking. I tried talking to her about it, but it offends her and she wants to raise her kids her way, which is obviously her right, so I avoid the topic. She also doesn't believe in circumcision. She feels it's an unnecessary cause of pain to a child. One of her kids got an infection on his pen*s and now needs an operation. She broke down and took him to the hospital after he ran a high fever for several days, with the infected area causing the child lots of pain and discomfort. I also think either at the hospital or at the kids school someone said something, because after the hospital incident she ended up taking all of her kids to the doctors, turns out they all have something wrong with them. She took them to the dentist and they all have really bad cavaties and decaying teeth. Really sad considering how young they are! I didn't know what cavaties were at their age.

Moral of the story? If it were me I'd follow doctors advise and give them the immunization as needed. I would rather trust a professional educated in the medical field than google, research and hearsay.
Oct 04, 2011 @ 11:57 am

Please vaccinate your kids

There are NO studies proving that vaccinations cause Autism or any other
harmful side effects to babies and children. The only time CERTAIN
vaccines should be avoided in children is if they have a previously
documented allergic reaction to it or if they are immunocompromised. If
that doesn't apply to your child, please vaccinate them! Physicians
would not recommend vaccines or even give them out if they caused harm.
Trust me, diseases like Pertussis and Diptheria can be fatal in a child
and if you can prevent them with a vaccine, then why wouldn't you choose
to do so?Also, not vaccinating your kids put other kids at risk of contracting these diseases
Oct 04, 2011 @ 12:10 pm

Do what the Dr says!!

My family Dr told me last winter that she had seen more little kids and
babies deathly ill with things like hooping cough all because they're
mother's wouldn't have them vaccinated. She said things they haven't
seen in years is showing back up now because so many people started
believe the vaccinations were the cause of Autism, witch isn't true!!
Just fallow what your Dr tells you Ali and Jake will be fine. I know it
sinks to see your baby get they're vaccination, but its very important
that they have all of them done and done at the right times. Trust me
its better then having him end up in the hospital. I wouldn't wish that
on anyone! Your Dr always knows best and like marbear said they take an
oath to do no hard, so they aren't going to tell you to give your baby
something if its not needed.

Oct 06, 2011 @ 08:02 am

autism-vaccine study

Back in January, the vaccines-cause-autism camp took a big hit when it was alleged that the study which suggested a link between autism and vaccines was seriously flawed. Read our write up here.

I have no doubt that in 20 years we'll be told another set of facts which will change our minds about all sorts of medical practices, but for now, most doctors and health authorities (Health Canada, US FDA, European health bureaus, etc) say the miniscule risk of side effects (of which autism is said to NOT be one) is far outweighed by the benefit provided by a vaccine.

I vaccinated my kids, but am sticking to the standard vaccines - not injecting with every single one that is offered.

It is true that if a large percentage of people are not vaccinated, diseases which would otherwise become extinct will continue to be present around us and can pose serious risks to unvaccinated children. This is called "Herd immunity" - the more people who are immune, the less chance a disease has to gain a foothold among the non-immune.
Oct 06, 2011 @ 08:57 am

Talked about this with many patients!

What mamaluv said in her last post is bang on! The bottom line is that babies and children need to be vaccinated with the routine vaccines for their safety, but also the safety of those around them. I've had parents say to me, "Well, you never hear of such-and-such disease anymore. So why should I immunize my child?" And the answer is you never hear of such-and-such disease because people have been immunized. If we start to cut out vaccines (like for pertussis, aka whooping cough) it will be come much more common.

A 17 year old boy at our summer camp had never been vaccinated as a child. During camp, he had a very severe cough. To the point where he couldn't breathe. Finally, his mom took him to the doctor and found he had pertussis. We had kids as young as 5 at this camp (it was a day camp) who then could have been exposed had they not been vaccinated.

The autism-vaccine link is just proof that one can cause widespread panic so easily and quickly. It wasn't even the vaccine that was being accused of causing autism way back when, but the mercury that was used as a preservative. Even when the mercury was removed to only trace amounts, there was no decline in reports of autism in children.

I'd also like to make the point that even (the few) pediatricians who DO believe in an autism-vaccine link do not suggest foregoing vaccines altogether. They just recommend spreading out the vaccines over a longer period of time. However, with some vaccines that is not an option as a child since there are specific time frames you need a second dose, etc.

Bottom line, your doctor is very knowledgable and will not ask you to do anything that will harm your child. We live in a culture where our medicine is all evidence-based so nothing will be done in general practice that has not been proven to be safe and efficient. Feel safe in following your doctor's advice :) Also make sure that you yourself are up to date on your vaccinations and boosters to ensure you don't pass anything to your baby, as well as for your own safety.
Oct 12, 2011 @ 12:50 pm
Irene Beaulieu

Vaccines work

I took my 9 day old baby for his first doctor's appt last week. His doctor recommended that we give him the rota virus vaccine. It's to prevent a serious gastro intestinal virus which can lead to dehydration in babies and toddlers that is difficult to deal with when they are vomiting and having diarriah. This vaccine is offered to newborns in every province and state in North America (even Mexico) except Manitoba (our province does not pay for this vaccine - in fact we are 4 vaccines behind the rest of Canada). With my first son we hadn't even heard of it, but it must be an issue now if doctor's are pushing it. Babies are most at risk between 6 - 36 months. So we will pay the $210 for three oral dosages. We have to preorder at the pharmacy and bring it to his two month appointment where the doctor will administer it to my son. Seems crazy that something like this would not be covered, what with all the flu and H1N1 pandemic scares. How many babies could be kept out of hospital if they were given this vaccine along with the other recommended vaccines.
Our doctor also told us that the menengitis vaccine only came to Manitoba seven years ago because of a story run in the news in Toronto. They were saying that Manitoba children were the only ones still dying of this disease because the vaccine was not covered / offered in Manitoba. Every other province had this vaccine covered. A week later it was offered in Manitoba. Just goes to show that public pressure is needed.
Anyway, that's my two cents...
Oct 12, 2011 @ 11:15 pm
Ali de Bold

Rota virus vaccine

Great info, everyone! There are two forms of that vaccine and in Ontario one of them is free and on you have to pay for at $75 a shot. I asked my pediatrician about that and she said the free version is quite new and prefers not to administer it until it's been around for a longer time. The paid version is fine as it has been around 10 years plus but she says it's not really necessary. There was a product recall in 2010 for the free version though and that sort of thing is not what a parent wants to hear!
Oct 20, 2011 @ 05:17 pm

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