w/o a name, 5 days from due date


Anyone else come down to the wire and still not have a name picked out? My baby boy is due on the 23rd, and while my husband and I have a couple of names we like, nothing has really clicked for both of us. I'm started to silently panic at the fact that we still don't have our boy's name chosen.

The only names that have made our list so far: Jayden, Logan, Cole.

The middle names are picked out at least. It's both our father's names, David-Norm. Although I still question 'Norm' because my husband's younger sister has a boy as well and his middle name is also 'Norman', after their dad. But if that's what my husband wants, I'm okay with it. Middle names are less important than the first name. If only we could settle on a first name!
Dec 19, 2014 @ 06:01 am

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Whats in a name?

I love naming! And while I have never had a baby, I know I'm the type to have the name list 6 months in advance. I foster pets and having huge naming lists for them too. It's a sickness.

Honestly, don't stress it. Stressing will just make you freak out and make it harder on you. My sister didn't name her second son for 2 weeks after he was born. She called him 'my boy' for that time and the nickname stuck for his first two years.

I personally think that the second name is really important! Many in our family use their second names as their first - because they like it better. It's like having a great option to use a legal name that is yours but different. Then there is the whole great idea of using your second name as your last name for the sake of media (or social media) like Angelina Jolie (Jolie is her second name).

If you and your husband can go though online name lists, family names, movie/book characters and each of you come up with a separate list of 10 names. Don't speak about it to each other while creating it. Just plant to meet at a certain time with a big mug of hot chocolate and share your lists and talk about it. You might be surprised and inspired.

No matter which name you choose... it will be the right one. And good luck and best wishes for your little Christmas bundle of joy. Best Christmas gift ever!
Dec 19, 2014 @ 11:09 am

Take your time

My friend didn't name her daughter for a couple of weeks after she was born... it is a really hard decision... you're going to be saying that name several times a day for probably the rest of your life... It might be easier once you see him too... like he might look like a Joshua (or whatever) for example... One thing i tried to do when thinking of a name for my son is to picture my him in different scenarios and see if the name "works" For example one of my friends named her son Trooper (I don't like it but its not my child) Well to me Judge Trooper so n so doesn't sound right... I try to picture him at a fancy wine and cheese party "hey Trooper" sounds funny to me... Also think about how easy it is to rhyme it with something dumb,,, Trooper pooper... kids can be cruel...
Dec 19, 2014 @ 03:44 pm


I forgot to mention... good luck!!! And I'm sure whatever you pick (as long as it isn;t Trooper) will be great!
Dec 19, 2014 @ 03:45 pm


Exactly, Onimiki. I think it gets harder because I'm thinking of him as an adult in certain situations. And thinking of him as a kid and yelling the name at him when he bolts. Or thinking of scolding him for something stupid (which is why I don't feel comfortable naming him after my dad like some people have suggested. I can't imagine yelling my dad's name followed by, 'stop picking your nose!' etc. But he did pass away 5 years ago, so that's why I want to honour his name as my child's middle name).

TashaCat, that's actually a good idea. My husband keeps saying it's up to me, and whatever I want, but I don't like the idea of him years down the road hating the name. The name 'Jayden' is the only one that was on my short list that he mentioned in passing without having read my list. Otherwise, most of the name suggestions have come from me. He keeps putting out silly names that are slowly driving me crazy. Jesus, Bobert, Taco, various numbers, God, etc.

Isn't it easier paperwork wise to have a name picked out at the hospital? Or does it really matter? How long do I actually have before I have to come up with a name?
Dec 19, 2014 @ 06:06 pm

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