The TALKER@ Movies ....


Nothing worse . You pay to go to the show and you get a loud talker near you . If you wanna talk out loud , stay Home and Rent the darn thing !!! I want to just say '' i will take $ 20. please .- That's the price of admission for two -cause you ruined the entire movie IDIOT .
Aug 05, 2009 @ 10:08 pm

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Oh hell yes !

Funny you should say , because that very thing happened to us at The Proposal movie recently. Two girls and a guy . He was the @*!% disturber . I actually told them to '' shut up '' out loud and they got so freaked that they left !! LOL
Aug 05, 2009 @ 10:15 pm
Ali de Bold

popcorn bags

I agree - there is no point going to a movie if you're going to ruin it for everyone else. One thing I find really annoying is the popcorn bags. They are so loud. Surely by now someone has invented a quieter, less annoying popcorn bag? I feel like they are loud on purpose. Like marketers think we want to hear that noise at the movies. I often prefer watching a movie at home than seeing it in the theatres for these reasons. Seat kickers should stay at home as well.
Aug 05, 2009 @ 10:57 pm

Inconsiderate at the movies

Those people drive me NUTS! Once a girl behind me was talking loud AND kicking my seat. I actually stood up and told her to quiet down or she should leave. Her friends laughed at her and she actually shut up. I was quite pleased lol (I was also like shaking for the rest of the movie because I was convinced she was going to kill me afterwards ha ha)

Also when I went to see Harry Potter recently I had the people talking loud experience. In front of me a woman had brought a little girl (who in my opinion was FAR too young to have been seeing Harry Potter, I mean was she even alive when the last book was released, HONESTLY) who talked (at a regular volume I might add, not at a whisper) the whole movie, and the mom would respond ... at a regular volume!!! Really, people need to teach their kids manners. I understand that kids talk and whatever, but really you should have enough social etiquette to know you need to tell you child to whisper a the movies. AND a row of people at the back were laughing at sad parts in the movie (the end!!) and openly mocking it. I was so upset. If you don't like the movie and think its silly you shouldn't have come.

...sorry, that really turned into quite the rant ha ha. Obviously you hit a nerve.

Aug 06, 2009 @ 12:29 pm

my husband just saw harry potter....

and they had a special theater for adults only....I had never heard of this until he mentioned he was going to the special theater.

I agree with all posters above, seat kickers, loud talkers should just stay home...there should be some kind of detector that people walk through before entering the theater that could tell us if they have these annoying tendencies ;)
Aug 07, 2009 @ 05:42 pm

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