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A Good Year

Ali de Bold

Riddley Scott - shame on you. Russell Crowe - WHY??

What should have been a perfectly gorgeous movie with a sweet plot in a picture perfect setting turned out to be one cheeseball moment after the next. I loved the story line and I loved the cinematography, but I HATED the forced "comedy" scenes that made it seem stilted and unnatural. This would have been a million times better if they didn't try so hard to be funny. Part of that is bad writing and the other is bad directing. It reminded me of The Holiday where everyone is trying so hard to be funny that they actually aren't. I also think the love story was forgotten for a bit and then happened too fast at the end, so it wasn't really believable.

I wish someone else would take this otherwise wonderful story and do a better job with it.
May 14, 2007 @ 01:25 pm

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