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What are your thoughts on the recent unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) on Vanity Fair's magazine? Do you feel as though this is a major step forward for the LGBT community or is it further hurting them?

It is still unclear as to whether or not this is all true, whether it's a publicity stunt for money, or some sort of mental disorder such as "Transvestic Fetishism" (cross dressing and gender dysphoria - being unhappy with your biological gender and electing to go through surgical and hormonal procedures to change appearance).

Jenner admitted in his interview with Diane Sawyer to not being gay and kept referring to Caitlyn as "her" as though he differentiated two different people. It also doesn't help that the magazine cover was photoshopped and airbrushed in order to further exaggerate the subject. To me, it sounds as though there is something hiding under the surface. I don't think he's faking this change but something to me is off...

Caitlyn will now be receiving the "Arthur Ashe Courage Award" (a sports related award) for her coming out as a transgender woman. You can click here to see who the runner up was and then comment what you feel about it: 

Also to be noted, Jenner was involved in a car crash resulting in someone else's death, but who's paying any attention to that story? Is it purely a coincidence that this "transgender" issue is taking precedence? Not to mention, Caitlyn will be receiving her own television show documenting her experience. Move over Kardashians!

In my opinion, they aren't helping the LGBT community at all, but rather are making a mockery of them. You don't need all of this fanfare and media frenzy to make a difference and to be courageous. There is a difference between being transgender and having a transvestic fetish. Maybe this is a good opportunity to educate others about the two instead of blindly accepting whatever the media wants us to think.

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I think it's wonderful. I think Caitlyn will help the LGBT community. I think being in the public eye is difficult as it is, and she has handled it with as much grace as she can.
I do not think it's a publicity stunt. Who would go through all that (the surgeries, the mockery, the media scrutiny) to keep your name out there. I believe she is finally able to live her authentic self and should be celebrated. There are so many teens and young adults struggling...I think Caitlyn being in the media eye is helping them live their own true lives.

As for Noah Galloway being the runner up...that's just not true. There is no runner up in the Arthur Ashe award. It was a joke tweet that was taken seriously and went viral.
Jun 04, 2015 @ 09:01 am

I Agree

Yes, I agree with you entirely that it will certainly give others who are struggling with these issues the courage to change their lives. Imagine how many people have been inspired by this and are now considering being true to themselves and standing up for what they feel is natural! I totally agree with this 100% and there is no doubt in my mind about how important this is.

However, what I was trying to get at was that the media labeled Bruce/Caitlyn as being transgender but there are signs that it could instead be a mental disorder as categorized by the DSM-IV-TR. This is what is not helping the LGBT community.

Thanks for clearing up the Noah Galloway situation. Sorry, I should have read it more closely. I guess I was sucked in by the photos mistake! That being said, in my opinion, if I were to choose someone to give the award to, I would have chosen Galloway instead because of his perseverance in the sports related field. Yes, Bruce was an Olympian back in the day and he is making a difference, but I do think that if it weren't for his famous family, nobody would have taken notice. Galloway's efforts were of his own accord.

You'd be very surprised what some people would do for money nowadays. The world isn't as it once was and personally, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an underlying media agenda to all of this. Why all the fanfare? He could have just admitted it and continued to live his life privately. You now have magazine covers, tv shows, what next? A Caitlyn Barbie doll? You don't need to sensationalize the issue to help educate people. Yes, you can argue that his family's fame helped reach millions, but what I hope will happen, if he is really transgender, is that he becomes an advocate for rights and helps people one on one instead of just receiving his paycheck at the end of the day.

Jun 04, 2015 @ 09:31 am

Caitlyn Jenner

First off I want to start with saying that Caitlyn Jenner looks amazinggggg, so gorgeous! :) I am extremely happy that "Bruce" decided to share his transformation with the public that takes a lot of courage. I think that in a positive note it will help a lot of transgender people not be afraid to let their true colours show, I believe that she will be a great role model for transgender people to look up to and see that it's ok to be who you really want to be in life.

I honestly feel so bad for Bruce because he had to live his whole life as a lie... I don't think that anyone should be ashamed or hide who they reeally are or want to be.

I feel that society is learning to accept transgender people a lot more and people are softening to the idea that not everyone was born the same.

I don't think Caitlyn is doing this for publicity but more so for awareness and showing that she's a beautiful person who had a beautiful soul to match.

Plus she was and is already in the spotlight from Keeping Up With the Kardashians so there would have been no way to keep it "private" from the media seeing as "Bruce" was already famous to begin with.

I think at the end of the day we should not be afraid to live our lives the way we want to, Caitlyn Jenner stay strong and you are amazing! :)
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I feel no one has the right to judge anyone. I hope Caitlyn enjoys being herself after all the years of suffering. I am also so happy that she has so much support.
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I personally feel that it's not my right to judge how others live their life, unless it impacts my life and family. To me, I have wondered if he/she didn't have some mental issues too. Then I look at it another way that his children are grown and it's his life, so why not be happy being the person you ought to be. I don't like the Kardashians and wish they would take it off the air, but every one has their own opinion. If she is happy this way, then good for her, and I wish her well. I hope all works out in the end. Ginger
Jun 04, 2015 @ 02:11 pm


Hi Kylee! What you said is very true. It does take a lot of courage to reveal such a personal matter to the entire world. I do admire that about anyone who is able to step forward and live their lives the way they feel they were meant to.

With that being said, when someone has the celebrity influence like Caitlyn (Bruce Jenner) has/had, I would hope that the profit she will now make from her magazine covers, book deals, tv shows and whatnot, will go directly towards helping the transgender community personally. It's one thing to say, "I'm here to bring awareness" but another to actually do something to help those who aren't as fortunate as she is. Time will tell, I guess. We need to remember that most of the transgender community is struggling emotionally, physically and economically. If Caitlyn can help in turning some of the statistics around, I'll have a newfound respect for her.

I do acknowledge that her makeup artists and wardrobe crew made her look amazing, however, the amount of photoshop and airbrushing is only doing a disservice to the transgender community. There are people who are not as lucky as Caitlyn who are looked upon as weird because of their attempts to dress as a woman. Some of these people are ridiculed and even killed because of this. I think they could have done the photoshoot without the diamonds and the fancy cars because this is in no way representative of the truth. It would have been nice to see a more natural approach to all this.

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Hi Chrissyann! I'm glad you gave your opinion and I respect it. You are absolutely right. Everyone who is going through something like this needs support and we need to educate ourselves about these issues in order to give that support.

This is probably a good opportunity to educate society about the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as transgenderism and cross-dressing, which unfortunately a lot of people are still confusing. I think this is the first step towards acceptance and change.

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This was a very good post to help bring awareness to this very important topic. Have a Great Afternoon Prettyrainbow.
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Thanks for your opinion!

Hi Ginger! Her happiness is definitely what counts and if her family supports her, then all is well! I do think the media needs to be more responsible when they make someone a spokesperson for such an important cause. Caitlyn Jenner is in no way representative of the majority of people who are transgender. They painted a picture of some sort of fairy tale surrounding the entire revelation when in fact, a lot of people in the LGBT community go through horrible experiences in their lifetime. They get denied healthcare, jobs, education, relationships and even the right to live. That's why I felt it was a mockery to this community. I have friends who I see struggling with similar issues and it hurts to know that the media are glazing over reality.
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Caitlyn Jenner

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