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Children of Men


Alfonso Cuaron, the guy who directed Harry Potter 3 and Y Tu Mama Tambien did this one. Michael Caine, Clive Owen and Julianne Moore are in it, and if you ask me it's definitely a must see.
It sort of creeped me out a bit actually, because you're watching it and thinking 'oh, no way could anything like that ever happen,' but some of the stuff that happens in the movie has already been happening (you'll have to see it to understand).
So yeah, a bit chilling, and depressing like you wouldn't believe, but definitely worth it.
Jan 30, 2007 @ 06:07 pm

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Children of Men

I wondered about this movie...a friend suggested that I see it but I thought it looked too dark and that it may not be as good as the hype. It sounds like I was right about the first half but wrong about the second. Thanks for writing about it, I will check it out when I want to see something a bit heavier. :o)
Jan 30, 2007 @ 06:31 pm

children of men

Good to know, youreyesopen1986. You know I won't be seeing this one! Even if the director of Harry Potter 3 did it...

Jan 30, 2007 @ 09:53 pm

must see

I loved it, a great combination of action and depth and brilliant performances! After watching it I sinked in my theatre sit for a while as it really gives food for thought
Jan 31, 2007 @ 07:43 pm

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