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"Christmas" or "Holidays"?

Ali de Bold

More and more, the media are referring to Christmas as "The holidays" so as not to offend anyone who is not Christian. While I am all for making everyone feel comfortable, Christmas is a Christian holiday, with a very specific meaning.

Would we turn another religious event into something generic so that others would not be offended? There are many cases in schools where the word "Christmas" in songs has been replaced by "holiday" or something else generic. I think this is wrong. If the issue is about being fair to everyone, then let everyone celebrate their religious holidays with equal vigor rather than turning ours into something generic and devoid of any meaning besides consumerism.

Where do you stand on this issue?
Dec 24, 2007 @ 02:24 pm

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I call it Christmas.

I think it is wrong to make it Holidays when Christmas along with many other celebrations is being celebrated. Either way saying Merry Christmas is a greeting so it really shouldn't offend anyone. If I know someone is Jewish I will say Happy Hanukkah and I don't think someone should think twice about saying Merry Christmas to me because I am Catholic.... If the issue is trying to be fair to everyone, I think that should include being fair to Christians as well by not changing the name of their celebration...
Dec 24, 2007 @ 04:26 pm
Scents Of Peace

While we're on the subject

We've seen a lot of "Open X-Day", not X-Mas - just plain 'ol "X" day. That is also just too much ! It's CHRISTmas, not Xmas, and never has it been X day !! Enough already !!!!

I live in the heart of un-P.C. red-neck, God-fearing Florida and even here people are saying "holiday" and Season's Greetings. Personally, I don't have a problem with it when it is paired up with Merry Christmas. But please don't leave the Christmas out . . . .

For the record, I am not Jewish but my wedding rings are in Hebrew. I have Jewish "roots" on my mother's side so I've been told and have many friends who are Jewish. I have a cousin who married a Muslim and is raising her children as such.

That being said :::::::: The thing I find most amusing and borderline offensive is that they celebrate their chosen religious holiday and then ALSO celebrate Christmas. But yet I cannot wish them a Merry Christmas without being corrected. What gives ??!?!?? Celebrate with me, but don't be offended when I wish you a Merry Christmas, fair ?

Next you'll have to censor the "Saint" in St. Valentine's or St. Patrick's because it references a Christian term (ie Sainthood) and it offends someone.

I just don't see Hallmark printing a "Happy Martyr-tine's Day" . . .
Dec 25, 2007 @ 01:36 am

Glad to see there are still some folks with sense...

I heartily agree with all of you! In particular, Christmas has become a secular event with Santa and all that. The religious aspects are, I believe, mainly removed from the mainstream and are only re-inserted in religious contexts. Ok, so what I mean is at the mall or wherever, you'll see Frosty, Santa and Rudolph; in front of churches you'll see manger scenes.

December 25 is Christmas Day. It's part of the calendar, same as Hanukkah, Halloween, the summer solstice, and everything else. If we take that away, what is Dec 25? Holiday Day?

Let the Christians celebrate Jesus' birth. The Christ Mass has been observed for over 1200 years. Keep Santa and elves if you'd like, and enjoy the holiday in addition to whatever faith-related observance you have. As a Christian, I have absolutely no problem with that. Christmas itself is, in fact, a Christian holiday. What's the problem then?

To those of you who disagree, I probably couldn't make you any madder than you already are, so to the rest of you I wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes for the holidays, whatever your creed. I truly mean no offense. We should all, in the spirit of the season, celebrate the best parts of our respective faiths and exercise some tolerance and goodwill - I think we can all agree on at least that much!
Dec 25, 2007 @ 04:08 pm

I love wishing people Merry Christmas but...

I remember back in the old days, you are greeted with a Merry Christmas as you walk into a store and you are farewelled with a Merry Christmas as you leave the store. In the past few years, I've noticed people have switched to saying "Happy Holidays". I went along with the trend because if people insisted on saying Happy Holidays, then maybe that's what they want me to say as well. I only wish someone Merry Christmas now unless I know they celebrate Christmas or they say it to me first. It sucks because "Happy Holidays" just doesn't really roll off my tongue. I much much MUCH prefer Merry Christmas.

One odd thing I've noticed about Christmas shopping this year was that shopkeepers are no longer wishing me Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. In fact, when I went to the mall on Christmas Eve, shopping was like the other 364 days of the year. I was greeted with "Hi, let me know if you need any help" and then when I paid for my purchase, I got a "Thank you and have a nice day." "Have a nice day?!" C'mon! It's CHRISTMAS!!! You are not supposed to say "Have a nice day" on Christmas Eve!!

So do people just have zero holiday spirit or they are so concerned with political correctness that they don't even bother to wish people a "Happy Holiday" anymore?
Dec 25, 2007 @ 07:09 pm
Scents Of Peace

Now that it's over . . .

I wonder if the merchants have "politically-corrected" themselves out of their anticipated holiday profit.

Friends, family, students and customers have ALL said it just did not feel like Christmas this year. Many said it snuck up on them and many have also said they either made gifts this year or only exchanged one or two token gifts. Seems like a lot of gift cards were exchanged too.

I really think most people are fed up with the PC battles and consumerism-out-of-control, that they opted to stay low key this year.

And to add to Bubblybunny : Why would I want to spend at a store who didn't seem to care if it was a "holiday" ? As a result, people have had near zero holiday spirit so it seems . . .

One thing to mention too, is that in the past, the sale of gift cards gave a false outlook on sales as most merchants do not count it as a "sale" until it is redeemed - - - even though it is a pre-purchase ! Goofy record keeping if you ask me !

Just curious, but did the lack of "Merry Christmas" going around affect your holiday spirit ??
Dec 26, 2007 @ 01:36 am
Ali de Bold

Celebrating Christmas

This year me and the hubby decided to opt out of the commercial insanity of Xmas and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. We donated a large sum of money on behalf of both of our families to various charitable organizations locally and abroad in lieu of gifts. This went over better with some family members than with others, but we were happy to do something to help those who really needed it rather than add 1 more piece of junk to everyone's pile. We didn't even exchange gifts between the 2 of us. We did buy gifts for our neices and nephews but that was it.

Not only did we not suffer the typical holiday stress of shopping for hours with the masses, we felt by giving in that way we got to experience the true meaning of Christmas.
Dec 27, 2007 @ 11:10 am

Happy Boxing Day

I went to the mall on the 26th for the Boxing Day sale (which totally sucked this year, by the way). And one girl was all chirpy and happy. She wished me a "Happy Boxing Day".

It was a bit odd but I liked it. :) At least someone still has the holiday spirit and it's especially nice coming from someone who was unfortunate enough to have to work on Dec. 26th.
Dec 27, 2007 @ 04:32 pm

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