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Did anyone catch the new Apprentice?


I was wondering if anyone saw the Apprentice premiere on Sunday. I missed it. Wondering if it was any good since all the changes...not sure what to think of the Donald anymore...
Jan 09, 2007 @ 10:01 am

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I'm an Apprentice junkie...sigh

There are some significant changes such as: the winning project manager sits in George's old chair for boardrooms, Ivanka took Carolyn's place, the losing team sleeps in a tent UNTIL they win a task, the winning team lives in the mansion, and next week's spoiler says that the winning team's reward is to not participate in the task after that (how's that supposed to work?)

Other than that, it still is the same ole thing. Donald is starting to really grate on my nerves, so I'm not sure if I will continue to watch unless these new changes prove to be a destabilizing factor in a series that is getting stale. Kinda reminds me of "Bachelor" which I only watched a bit of and then stopped.

I think Rosie O'Donnell got it totally right about The Donald. His little stunt with Miss USA was a blatant publicity gimmick. He rags Rosie about how she's so unattractive, rude, crude, blah blah blah. Take a look in the mirror, rugman.

Remember last season, half the time Donald didn't know the names of the sponsors. Yeah, that's professional...
Jan 09, 2007 @ 11:01 am

Ah the Apprentice returns...

WOAH! Sounds like I missed a lot and they did a lot of tweeking with George/Carolyn etc. I liked those two though! Ah well. Yeah I agree, Donald totally did all that Rosie bashing as a publicity stunt. I used to be an Apprentice junkie...people used to come over to dinner and the Apprentice but once they did that High School vs. University thing it started dying down in my books...then there was the whole Martha Stewart Apprentice thing and I just lost interest in the Apprentice all together. I guess I may try to watch it next week and see what I think and take it from there. Thanks for the feedback on the show! At least I know somewhat what is going on now!!! AH HAHAHAH RUGMAN!
Jan 09, 2007 @ 04:17 pm
Ali de Bold

I've seen it too.

I have to admit I love that show. However, the tent thing is stupid and inhumane. I also thought the wrong guy got fired the other day. Can't remember his name but the other P.M should have been fired on the grounds of being annoying.
Jan 09, 2007 @ 07:31 pm

the fired guy was plenty annoying himself

I must say, when Trump went on and on about how "this was the hardest decision yet", I rolled my eyes so far they nearly got stuck up there. W/e, aren't all the decisions "the hardest one yet"? Speaking about being unoriginal...! However, the fired guy was a total wank, asking to go to the can while being introduced to the Donald. Totally deserved firing for such a blatant attempt to become memorable.
Jan 10, 2007 @ 02:15 pm
Ali de Bold

Must have missed that part

I guess I was in the bathroom when the fired guy asked to go because I didn't see that and didn't know what they were talking about. Ya, if he did that then it makes sense to fire him for being a wank, but I couldn't stand the other one either. Further, you're right mamaluv, he ALWAYS says 'this was the hardest decision I've ever had to make'. Please, it's the first round!

p.s I think the whole Rozie thing is a publicity stunt for the new season of the apprentice and to boost viewership for The View.
Jan 11, 2007 @ 06:04 pm

Rating boosters!

Now I definitely have to see an encore presentation of this Apprentice premier so I can see if I want to keep watching it this season. I have to say I agree that the whole battle between Rosie and Donald is just to hike up their ratings. The sad thing is that it has done the opposite for me, I have not felt like watching either show for a bit til it all dies down damn it!
Jan 11, 2007 @ 11:27 pm

you guys crack me up!

yah, the peeing thing happened right in the beginning when they met Trump for the first time. Really stupid. I have to agree with MizzRobin, I am losing my appetite for both shows, though truth be told I was never a huge fan of The View...
Jan 12, 2007 @ 08:47 pm

Ok so I watched an episode...

I have made a decision, no more Apprentice for me! Trump totally rubbed me the wrong way with his comments this time around regarding the male swimsuit that was designed. That whole " I have a great body, you and I could wear that suit but no one else at this boardroom table could" crap was IRRITATING!
Jan 14, 2007 @ 10:56 pm


what a loser, I was also disgusted. I'm very irritated with the new twist that the winning PM stays PM... she seems so smug, I hate that.
Jan 15, 2007 @ 11:22 am
Ali de Bold

I totally agree about Trump's arrogance

Trump's comment was so stupid and egotistical. Sorry dude, but "athletic" is not the first thought that pops in my head when I think of you. It's more like, "You poor thing! Let me help you find a good salon..."

I was also really unimpressed with the whole playboy mansion thing. Hugh with his 3 girlfriends is just gross. I HATE it when women sell their bodies like that it is so wrong on so many levels. I didn't know Trump endorsed 2 huge organizations that objectify women (Miss America & Playboy). You could see the women on the winning team weren't exactly thrilled to go there. What kind of reward was that for the women??? Again, another Trump plug for Hugh's new show.

The one thing I agree about from that episode was that the men's suits were hideous. Why would you try to cater to one niche instead of going for mass appeal when the goal is to sell as many suits to as many buyers as possible? Dumb, dumb move, but the PM should have worn more of the blame for giving it the green light.

Jan 15, 2007 @ 02:43 pm

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