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Do you lie about your age?

Ali de Bold

I am of the opinion that it is never to a woman's advantage to reveal her true age. As far as we have come, we are still judged for our age. I wrote a blog post here and am curious what you guys think?

Dec 11, 2007 @ 04:26 pm

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Not yet at least...

But that is not the point!

I think that women used to always hide their ages... whether or not it were celebrities or someone like your Mom.

The population is declining... we are an aging population. Less babies are being born.
I think more women are looking up to older celebrities like Diane Keaton (who is now a spokes model for L'Oreal Paris) because of her graceful aging beauty.

Many older women in my life (Mom, aunts, relatives, etc) have never revealed their true age to me when I was growing up. I actually think that it's really cool when a woman tells you her true age... to me it shows that she is confident enough to not think that her "number" will affect the way people will perceive her.
Dec 12, 2007 @ 11:12 am


I don't lie about mine. I am proud ot be 30... fortunately people think I look younger than I am (for the most part). :oP I take it as a compliment when I get carded. I do think that people do get judged for their age. I find that a lot of my girlfriends will 'look down' on younger ladies thinking that they haven't a clue sometimes.... I don't know if it works in the reverse. I do look to people who have more life experiece than myself for guidance sometimes... Mind you, I also think it depends on where you live. People back in the small town where I come from wonder what is wrong with me that I am not married yet etc. People in Toronto think it's normal. In any case, I don't go around proclaiming I am 30 hear me roar but if someone asks I quickly say 30....if someone has a problem with that, it's not my problem! :o)
Dec 12, 2007 @ 11:21 am

nothing gained

No, I don't lie about my age. I don't see how lying gains you anything. If anything, I'd say you lose some respect for your lack of honesty and confidence. Concealing a woman's age seems like a legacy tradition.

I, on the other hand, have been having some trouble facing my big milestone in the near future. 30 is creeping up on me in about 5 months. I shouldn't be concerned b/c life has only gotten better as I've matured and entered the BIG GIRL'S world. I think my problem w/ it is the fact that I'm the youngest of 4 children. I'll always be the baby. How can the baby almost be 30?!?! Me turning 30 is really opening my eyes to the truth that the family is getting older and older. I guess that's why I'm an aunt 6 times over ... to keep the family young. :-)
Dec 12, 2007 @ 07:38 pm

Better for me to lie

While I can see the points about confidence, depending on your job sometimes it's better not to tell them your age. I model and I often go in for casting calls. I find that it is better not to tell them my age because it limits the parts I can get. If they want a 22 year old, they don't want to cast a 30 year old. My agent always taught me not to tell my age because once they know that's all they see you as. I can agree with many of the points here but if you are in the spotlight, I agree with the first poster that it is better to keep your age a mystery.
Dec 12, 2007 @ 11:20 pm
Feisty Redhead


I just don't see any reason to lie about my age. The way I see it, the people who really like/love me don't care, and anyone who has a problem with my age be it "too old" or "too young" then that's their problem not mine.

I can see where, like anonymous, if you're a model or actress or something like that it might be better in some situations to fib about your age. But outside of that, I don't see any reason for the *average* woman to lie about her age.
Dec 13, 2007 @ 11:37 am

bring on the wrinkle creams!!!

I agree that revealing your true age can be disadvangeous because we live in a very judgemental society these days. It can be a barrier to landing a job, finding relationships, having opinions valued, and even gaining respect from others.

I don't lie about my age, but I do consider the motives of others when they ask my age (all depending on the situation). I think the most important thing is to be mature about how you represent yourself. Lying about your age isn't a good thing (since that is a false representation), but you can always swing past the question (e.g. I'm in my mid twenties, etc.) and move onto the next topic if you feel uncomfortable about revealing your true age.
Dec 14, 2007 @ 05:36 pm

Haha, allychick!

It depends on what age group you're talking with though. If I know that a woman is older than me, I don't ask, nor ever expect that topic to ever come up. And that's fine with me. Age is nothing but a number! But it is a really touchy topic for some.

Asking about age also is a way to see if you fit in with some people. Generally, people hang out or identify with other people of the same age... I'm sure, especially if you are born in the same year!

When I reveal my age to some people (who are older than me), they start talking to me like I'm stupid and don't know any better. Age discrimination is there at any age. All I think to myself is... well, you were young once too!
Dec 14, 2007 @ 08:10 pm
A Girls Gotta Spa


I don't lie about my age. People are always shocked to hear I am 33. For some reason people assume I am much younger until I tell them I have 4 kids. That's when they ask me how old I am. It's nice to look young still. I'm sure I'll appreciate it more when I'm 70.
Dec 14, 2007 @ 09:52 pm


But I suppose if you are at an age where age does make you nervous I see why it is tempting. I am at an age where I am not too young nor too old (26).

But I have to admit I am too can be snobby. I can't see myself being best buds with someone much younger than I, and was surprised to learn that the girl i bonded with over the summer was only 19! That'll learn me! We often time associate age with maturity or experience, and even those of us who know better unconsciously do it. But I still gravitate to older women or my own age as friends.

I had a boyfriend who lied to me for almost an entire year about his age. it appears turning 30 can be just as traumatic. I wasn't mad, just hurt he didn't realize I was not that kind of person who cares or becomes upset at such things, after 1 year! I do also like older men, and would be hard pressed to date a younger man (may change my mind when i am 60!!!).

But don't lie, it is never advantageous in the long run. I agree about skirting the exact number, however - if you think the number will leave out of a great relationship/friendship/job then skirt around or be honest and say you would rather not tell.

Remember, we are the sum of our experiences, not just a number!
Dec 15, 2007 @ 12:52 pm
Ali de Bold


My philosophy is more in line with Allychick_ling's. I never lie, I just don't reveal. My favorite standard response is 20somethingish. I have been asked about my age countless times throughout my career and in school.

In school everyone was talking about it because they couldn't believe I was married (they thought I was 18-21) and they were looking at me like I was stupid for getting married so young. Finally I told them how old I was and then it became this huge rumor because everyone couldn't believe it. In a meeting last year a snippy would-be investor asked me if I was 34.

I just got to the point where I decided I would stop talking about it and let people judge me for my actions rather than assessing me based on my age. However, I think you all make some excellent points.
Dec 15, 2007 @ 03:53 pm

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