Gift ideas for 12-15 Y/O girls


HELP!I could really use some help & advice with picking out an affordable gift for my younger sister. She is starting to turn into a girl aha and not such a tomboy. She is really into soccer right now but everyone already beat me to all of the obvious soccer gifts..Please any ideas would help (:
Aug 11, 2015 @ 09:31 pm

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You should look right on ChickAdvisor under Shopping or Mom & Baby lots of great gift choices for older children as well and they are all reviewed.
Aug 11, 2015 @ 10:35 pm

Face palm.

Thanks so much (:
I feel silly for not doing that. It never even crossed my mind aha.
Aug 12, 2015 @ 07:03 am
Sandra Ribeiro

gift ideas

How about a gift card to her favourite store or take her shopping so she can choose what she likes.

Aug 12, 2015 @ 09:24 am


15 year olds love One Direction.. how about tickets to see a concert?
Or movie tickets.. go out for dinner & a movie. Take her shopping & she can pick what she likes as part of her gift.
Aug 12, 2015 @ 10:53 am

GIFT IDEAS FOR 12-15 Y/O GIRLS-britwalkxo

Please don't feel silly. That was not my intention. I was trying to help it is just that I reviewed so many nice items on ChickAdvisor. So I thought I would suggest it. I really hope you find a awesome gift for your sister. Have a Great Evening and Good Luck !!!
Aug 12, 2015 @ 05:08 pm

Thank you all

They were all very good suggestions. Thanks a bunch (: I'm so indecisive, i'll just have to pick a few ;p
Aug 12, 2015 @ 11:25 pm

Late update

I just let her look on and I ordered her a few things on there. A huge selection of things for her to pick from and everything is fairly priced. So happy I didn't decide on something myself.. She ended up picking a cat pillow, a wall sticker, some craft things, and some weird little science doodads.
Oct 02, 2015 @ 05:01 pm

Gift Ideas for 12-15

I'd go with a gift card where she can pick something she would like. Also, it gives her a lift because it makes her feel grown up and special
Oct 12, 2015 @ 01:57 pm

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