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global warming


im not too sure about you guys,but the whole issue about global warming is really scaring me and some people i talk to about it think it's just another myth to give our society something to worry about. im from south africa and by now we are meant to be in dead heat,but it's freezing cold and pouring with rain!!!!

it was also said that our winter sun is now more harsh and harmful than your summer sun!------omg!

i know there are people who are looking after our environment,but majority just dnt care!i think they think things like that only happen in the movies (uhm...the day after tomorrow),but what they don't realize is that it IS happening..just really slowly.

ANOTHER STORY:) and this is freaky...a few months ago a penguin was found at Cape Point (which is basically the end of the African continent),which was never ever seen here before...and arrived here with chunks of ice.they put two and two together and discovered the penguin only exists in the Antarctic and the way it got here?swam obviously:)but was assisted along by fallen pieces of ice from an iceburg in the Antarctic....

is this not enough to make everyone see that something needs to be done and everyone needs to take action?or do we first need a monster tidal wave to hit:)
Dec 16, 2007 @ 07:48 am

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Feisty Redhead

just my opinion

Well first of all, about the penguin... there ARE actually "warm water" penguins, some of which are from the south Africa area. So... yeah. Our local NHL team (the Penguins... hehe) have had a few of those little guys at the arena on game days (from the local zoo of course) to waddle around the ice between periods. Most people don't realize there are a lot of different varieties of penguins and not all of them thrive on cold and ice. :)

Anyway as for global warming... my dad and I have both done our research on the subject and the thing of it is, news does not always equal truth, and they don't always give you the full story. The simple fact is, people (namely media, and the majority of the rest of the population is gullible enough to believe in the media) just thrive on negativity and catastrophe. People believe just because something is on tv, in a book, in a movie, on the news, it must be true - but that is not the case. What isn't mentioned about "global warming" is that yes there are large parts of the arctic that are melting and such, but at the same time other parts are EXPANDING more than enough to make up for the "loss".

Also, if you look at the history of the world's climate - it's ALWAYS changing "slowly" to some drastic change from what the climate was 1,000 years ago. There've been ice ages, long periods of extreme heat back to another ice age again etc. It's part of nature for things to constantly change this way - it's supposed to happen. The estimate from the "experts" is that the global climate will raise only something like 1.9 degrees or so over the next 100 years. Looking at the big picture that's not a lot. Either way though, how much do "experts" REALLY know? We can't predict or control the weather, we're not meant to do those things. That's why the weather forecast on the news is wrong 98% of the time, and when it's right it was just a very lucky guess... that's all anything weather related is (including the global warming issue) - guessing.

Ultimately it comes down to nature will run it's course and there is nothing we humans can do to predict what will happen or when, nor can we really do anything to stop it. Yes most people do mistreat the environment but to be completely honest I live in an area where I can witness first hand that nature is stronger than some people seem to think it is. That's not to say that we can completely neglect it or anything. But, like I said I have seen this first hand, given just a small bit of time (less than a year) nature can and does start to rebuild itself from what man has done to it. There is a little side road up the hill from where I live that used to be used constantly - perfectly paved and in excellent condition. Several years ago it was closed because the hillside started to slide a bit. Since then, there is no "road" anymore; it's all trees and moss and nature again just as it was before the road was ever put into place by man.

So I guess for me it comes down to no, global warming isn't really an issue. I do my part to help the environment, I recycle and try to be mindful of what resources I use up etc. Really that's all anyone can do - just make your own personal efforts in the areas that matter most to you be it wildlife conservation or whatever, and know that you are doing some good in the world. Even the smallest actions can lead to changes, you might not see them but they happen. It's kind of like "Pay It Forward" - you do your part knowing even though you may never witness the good that comes from it, it will happen.
Dec 16, 2007 @ 10:41 am

take a look....

Dec 16, 2007 @ 10:58 am
Ali de Bold

Saw the video

I totally agree with the logic.

I do think global warming is a very serious issue. Yes the media don't give us the whole picture, yes the masses are easily influenced. But you don't have to turn on your tv to see the negative impacts so far. The argument about how the weather has always been changing doesn't address the fact that the changes taking place now are the direct result of our pollution. That is a scary thing. Either way we have to take action.
Dec 16, 2007 @ 03:43 pm

yup i kno

i kno not all penguins thrive on cold and ice,b/c those are the only penguins we have here....the penguin found is FROM the antarctic and no family of such penguin was eva found here...i hear you though...maybe its coincidence,but i dont think il totally ignore the fact that people are not looking after the environment.mizz robin im about to check the video out now...thanks:) x x x
Dec 16, 2007 @ 07:03 pm


I have seen the video, and I would have posted it as well!

The media has been drawing attn to it now because now we are at a time when this has become a very serious issue. I think it's actually good that the media is drawing a lot of attn to it, because that way more people will listen. For some, unless they hear it on the news, then the issue won't interest them at all.
Dec 16, 2007 @ 07:22 pm

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