How quick things can change


When I got up this morning,there wasn't a bit of snow to be seen anywhere.Looking outside now,about a couple of hours later,you can't see across the street or a hand in front of you.That is how stormy it is outside now.The wind is suppose to pick up later and this evening it is suppose to change over to heavy Rain.We are getting four seasons in the one today.It's crazy.
Mar 05, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

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Sounds like someone from Newfoundland would right this! Over this pass week I have seen this more then one time. It like one day you think spring is on its way. Then the next oops just joking lol
Mar 05, 2016 @ 12:20 pm


Hello oxKellywestxo,
What was your first clue that I came from Newfoundland?Are you from here yourself? If so,around what part?
Mar 05, 2016 @ 12:33 pm


Yes I am from Newfoundland! The west coast. First clue was, only in newfoundland do the weather turn on a dime like that. And people say "you can't see a hand in front of your face. :)
Mar 05, 2016 @ 01:16 pm

things change

Yessss I remember last April on the long weekend SNOWWWW
Mar 05, 2016 @ 01:29 pm


There is a snowstorm here as well
Mar 05, 2016 @ 01:44 pm


Sounds horrible. Was beautiful here today like spring!
Mar 05, 2016 @ 07:27 pm


today we had a beautiful weather people weere wearing shirts and shorts. It showed 14 Celsius... But as 5 oclock hit changed drastically. There were grey clouds and felt really cold.
Mar 06, 2016 @ 12:11 am

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