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Kate Middleton's Topless Suntanning Photos


So, no doubt you've heard about the paparazzi who snapped some photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless in France. I won't dwell on that, it's been talked about to death. What I do think needs to be discussed is the backlash against Ms. Middleton. 

Donald Trump for example tweeted this:

Now, I think sounding off in a public way like this is rude to begin with. But moreover, I don't think Kate did anything wrong. She assumed (and why wouldn't she) that she was in a private setting, alone and was simply sunbathing. I am sure we've all done it before, why should we scrutinize her for something so harmless? Should she be held up to another standard because she is married to a prince?

What do you think of the backlash and of the situation?

(image via thegloss.com
Sep 19, 2012 @ 11:43 am

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I think this entire situation is horendous,
ALOT of woman do this... SURPRISE!
Why is it that when a celeb slips a nip that everyone goes crazy...
I mean there are tons of hot woman out there doing it and dont get published in magazines for it, so why should kate? and no she should not be held up to that standard because "she married" that has nothing to do with it, its her personal situation between her and her husband if he is okay with it then so should everyone else

it mush really suck having no privacy at all, even when you think your someplace safe... think again
Sep 21, 2012 @ 03:50 pm

I say leave her be!

The person that took the pic's, sold them to the rag magazine’s and those rags that published them should all be ashamed of them self’s. Off with their heads I say!! I'm sure she is a lot more careful with what she does and doesn't do since she’s been with the Prince, but please she should be able to have some privet time to herself. It's not like she was walking through down town England topless for God sake. As for old Mr Donny boy, he’s just a rich ass and should learn to keep his old big mouth shut.

Sep 21, 2012 @ 04:32 pm

How dare they?

It's her personal time and i would do that too if i thought i was alone but no, as she is a celeb, they shouldn't do this to her because 1)she didnt use to be. She's not use to the paparazzi. 2) it violates her privacy! I'm sick and tired of hearing all this bull crap about celeb when they may have or may not have done the thing people said they did. Can't they have a little privacy!
Sep 23, 2012 @ 05:40 pm

here it is

I honestly don't know why anyone is surprised these pictures were published. What is this bullshit about privacy? Of course there isn't any. People who haven;t been famous for years are still being stalked by paparazzi, and she married the prince, there's new pictures of her every week, and she thinks if she lays around on a beach, TOPLESS, that the paparazzi are just going to say "aww, lets leave her alone."
I'm sorry, but once you chose to step into the limelight, you don't get to pick and chose the perks and side-effects that come with that role.
If she really must suntan topless, i'm sure she could've done it at a location that the paparazzi don't have access to.
I understand its an invasion of privacy just as well as she understand that you don't have much of it once you're in the spotlight.
Sep 26, 2012 @ 01:00 pm

Don't forget cultural differences

First of all, sunbathing topless in Europe is normal. Most beaches I have been to in Europe (which were all public access, family-friendly places) I saw women of all ages and sizes going topless, most men were sporting Speedos, and most of the toddlers wore nothing at all. Nudity in Europe is not what we perceive it in N.America. I was one of the few wearing a top and felt very out of place and almost embarrassed to be covering up, yet I'm a little too prude to go without so I kept my top on.

Secondly, while Kate certainly deserves her privacy (let's not forget that they were on private property with restricted access), sadly she should not expect it. The paparazzi are going to do everything in their power to get those photos, so no one should be shocked that this happened - especially someone so high profile as Kate. Unfortunately, this goes with the territory and every celeb surely knows that this is part of the price of fame.

Having said that, The Donald's comments were completely tactless. Is it a "good" business decision to make a boatload of money when the opportunity presents itself? Yes. Is it the appropriate/moral/ethical thing to do? Totally different question. However, I stopped paying attention to what The Donald has been saying a long time ago. When he first started with Apprentice, I was an avid fan. Now I deliberately avoid it because of some of the brash things he's saying.
Oct 30, 2012 @ 09:22 am

diffusing the situation

I would like to also add that I agree with DNN above. How clever would it have been for P.Edward to make a witty and diffusing comment like that? Usually the more "no comments" or pushback a story gets, the hotter the interest!
Oct 30, 2012 @ 09:24 am

@ Anonymous #2

She actually was not on a beach, she was photographed on the terrace or a private property where the couple had been staying. The photographer should never have taking pictures of her in that setting.

If she had been on a public beach sunbathing topless, then it's up for grabs and she has nothing to complain about. She wasn't somewhere that she should have had to be concerned about this.

If a scumbag photographer sneaks into their hotel room and places a camera to catch them being intimate and then turns around and makes that video public, are you going to say "she should have known better, she choose to be in the limelight."

I also disagree about her being in the limelight, she simply chose to marry the love of her life, she shouldn't be getting punished for that. Or have you already forgotten how much harm paparazzi can cause, princess D's death hasn't really been THAT long ago.
Oct 30, 2012 @ 02:09 pm

Kate Middletons Topless Suntanning photos..

I think the person who took this picture should be taken out and tarred and feathered.I'm sure she was in a place that was private to her and that she wouldn't allow this intentionally.Some people especially the popperotzie (spelled that wrong I'm sure) have no business whatsoever chaseing celebrities like that.Anything to make a quick buck and try to ruin a persons reputation.How quickly we forget what happened to the beautiful Princess Diana.If it hadn't been for the idiots chasing her who knows,She would have been here for her sons Marriage and the birth of her first Grand-Child.Leave people like Kate alone and mind your own business I say to those photos and the person who took it.
Oct 27, 2013 @ 09:58 am

Privacy is privacy

I know this is old news, but the concept is still out there as fresh as can be. Privacy is privacy and should be viewed as such. It would be different if she was flaunting herself in a public place. But when some one, and I do not care who, is doing something in a secluded place where no one else should be trespassing that privacy should be respected. People take things way to far in order to make that extra buck or be the center of attention at someone else's expense.

It is definitely a matter or respect, something a lot of us have forgotten ever existed. It is time we all went back to a previous time. A time when people and places were given a sense of respect, when things didn't have to be so sensationalized.

Things like type of pictures of a person in a high profile position is not news people, it is simply trash. Let's not forget "what goes round, comes round" and "do unto others"
Jun 02, 2014 @ 07:36 am

How many slips?

I think 'royal life' is really tough. I can't even say how much I admire the Queen. The whole tiara, wave, personal appearance thing would get old after a couple of weeks. And it's not like you choose that life - you are born into it or marry into it. Yes it's pretty glam - but it's a guilded cage.

But still it's a job - you get a lot of privilege based on this 'career' so there are rules and sacrifices too. Post-Diana you just know how far the press will go. Kate is much older than Di was, and has had years to plan for it and get it together.

She was taken by surprise with the topless photos. But now... how many times does she need to have photos of her butt on the internet before she wears something under her dresses or has her hems weighted down like the queen does? She's flashed us under her dress in Canada and now in Aus too.
Jun 02, 2014 @ 08:13 am

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