Maher Arar


I've been following the media coverage of his case on and off since he was sent to Syria in 2002 - I remember the first time I heard the U.S. had shipped him off without any real proof that he was involved in anything, I was horrified and angry that the Canadian government wasn't doing more to protect their citizens.
Now that he's received $10.5 million, do you think he deserved it? Or that he should have gotten more/less?
I personally think it's about time they compensated him for went he through, but Stephen Harper's 'apology' was pretty lame. However, no amount of money will make Arar forget about what he went through, or give him those years of his life back.
Now that the case has been settled, do you think the Canadian/U.S. governments will be more careful when it comes to accusing people of being involved in terrorism?
Jan 31, 2007 @ 09:28 am

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You are totally right...hopefully governments will be more careful before accusing people of terrorism! I feel very bad for Maher Arar. No amount of money can compensate him for what he had to go through. At least someone recognized that he was wronged and they decided to try to right that wrong...even if it was with a dollar value.
Jan 31, 2007 @ 10:06 pm

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